College of Engineering

College of Engineering Travel Awards for Students and Student Organizations

The University of Toledo College of Engineering recognizes the important role attendance at professional conferences can play in the scholarly growth and career advancement of our students.  The College makes available a limited pool of funds to both undergraduate and graduate engineering students. Students may not receive more than one award per academic year, and the award may only cover a portion of your expenses.

Conference travel support is available to:

  • Present or co-present academic research related to academic studies.
  • Compete at an event related to academic studies or special interest.
  • Attend an event related to academic studies or special interest.

Application Procedure:

  • All students should submit their completed application at least 8 weeks prior to travel. The College requests that you take advantage of savings associated with early registration and timely booking of travel and lodging. You should anticipate an email response to your completed application within two weeks, confirming the amount of any award, and identifying any stipulations on the award. All email communications will be through your UToledo email account.
  • All student organizations are required to complete the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership's travel request form at least two weeks prior to travel. 

Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

Please make certain to keep all original receipts related to this travel for all items for which reimbursement is being requested (please remember to keep a copy of these receipts for your records).

Further details regarding the reimbursement process will be sent in more detail in your confirmation email.

All students that receive funding, will be required to provide photos and a synopsis of the event for publication on social media platforms to


Last Updated: 2/13/24