Facilities and Construction


 Name Title Email Campus Office Phone Location 
Toth, Jason AVP for Facilities & Construction jason.toth@utoledo.edu MC 530.1418 PO 1100
Baden, Nicole Architect/Planner nicole.baden@utoledo.edu MC 531.1061 PO 1220
Bloomer, Jason Mgr., Structural Maint. - HSC jason.bloomer@utoledo.edu HSC 383.6864 FSB 1200C
Brancatto, Loraine Business Operations Intermittent loraine.brancatto@utoledo.edu MC 530.1472 PO 1450
Brick, Dianna Custodial Manager, Day Shift dianna.brick@utoledo.edu MC 530.2032 SU 1514
Brown, Tracey MC Secretary 1 tracey.brown@utoledo.edu MC 530.1445 PO 1080
Collins, Doug Director, Grounds & Transportation douglas.collins@utoledo.edu SP 530.1018 SS 2150
Costell, Amanda Interior Designer amanda.costell@utoledo.edu MC 530.1085 PO 1440A
Dowling, Paul Mgr., Mechanical Maint. paul.dowling@utoledo.edu MC 503.4357 PO 1150
Fell, Arlene Director, Environmental Services HSC arlene.fell@utoledo.edu MC 383.6886 HOS 0253B
Foley, Brian Mgr., Grounds - HSC brian.foley@utoledo.edu HSC 383.3878 HSC Grounds Bldg.
Gajdostik, Jeff Mgr., Grounds - MC Jeffrey.gajdostik@utoledo.edu MC 530.1444 MC Grounds Bldg.
Garcia, Maggie Director, Custodial Services MC maggie.garcia@utoledo.edu MC 530.2999 PO 1200
Garey, Tom Mgr., FIS thomas.garey@utoledo.edu MC 530.1082 PO 1420
George, Debbie Fiscal Specialist debbie.george@utoledo.edu MC 530.1417 PO 1020B
Green, Michael Director, Energy Management michael.green@utoledo.edu MC 530.1036 PO 1180
Graff, James Director, Facilities Operations  james.graff@utoledo.edu MC 383.4158 530.1053 PO 1190
Guerra, Rey Custodial Manager, Res Life reynaldo.guerra@utoledo.edu MC 530.1358 IH 6209
Hillard, Howard Contract Manager howard.hillard@utoledo.edu MC 530.8715 RHC0001B
Holeman, Teresa HSC Secretary 1 teresa.holeman@utoledo.edu HSC 383.6720 FSB 1200
Huner, Candace Custodial Manager, Day Shift candace.huner@utoledo.edu MC 530.2122 UH 2450
Johnson, Pat Public Inquiries Assistant patricia.johnson2@utoledo.edu MC 530.1008
PO 1430
Kimble, Shannon Custodial Manager, 3rd Shift shannon.kimble@utoledo.edu MC 530.1024 PO 1510
Klett, Dan Director, Campus Planning and Design daniel.klett@utoledo.edu MC 530.1453 PO 1440B
Kretz, Jeanne Office Assistant 3 jeanne.kretz@utoledo.edu MC 530.1446 PO 1020 C
Levicki, Chris Mgr., Structural Maint christopher.levicki@utoledo.edu MC 530.1005 PO 1140
Marti, Todd  Director, Facilities Maintenance & Joint Commission Compliance todd.marti@utoledo.edu HSC 383.4357 FSB 1200B
Martin, Joy Purchasing Agent joy.martin@utoledo.edu MC 530.1068 RHC0001
McDonagh, Joyce Public Inquiry Assistant - HSC joyce.mcdonagh@utoledo.edu HSC 383.5353 FSB 1200G
Moeltner, Michael Financial Anaylst michael.moeltner@utoledo.edu MC 530.4755 PO 1490
Murnen, John Custodial Manager, Day Shift John.Murnen@utoledo.edu MC 530.2997 NE 0900
Nowicki, Michael Mgr., Joint Commission Compliance & Mechanical Maint. HSC michael.nowicki@utoledo.edu HSC 383.4913 FSB 1200B
Pacholek, Vicki Public Inquiry Assistant - HSC vicki.pacholek@utoledo.edu HSC 383.5353 FSB 1200G
Perry, Daniel Mgr., Electrical Maint. daniel.perry2@utoledo.edu MC 530.1428 PO 1190
Queenan, Douglas Mgr., Electrical Maint. - HSC douglas.queenan@utoledo.edu HSC 383.4778 FSB 1200D
Raider, Diana Director, Business Opeartions diana.raider@utoledo.edu MC 530.1035 PO 1060
Richardson, Ellen Public Inquiry Assistant ellen.richardson@utoledo.edu MC 530.1400 PO 1430
Rose, Sandra Office Assistant 3 sandra.rose@utoledo.edu MC 530.1073 PO 1470
Sarnes, Lorie Director, Capital Projects lorie.sarnes@utoledo.edu MC 530.1427 PO 1040 
Skolmowski, Cheryl Executive Assistant  cheryl.skolmowski@utoledo.edu MC 530.1420 PO 1120
Smith, Rebecca Mgr., Work Control rebecca.smith4@utoledo.edu MC/HSC 530.1409 PO 1240
Watts, Diana Transit Program Coordinator diana.watts@utoledo.edu MC 530.1027 GF 1050
Willis, Shelia Sr. Financial Analyst shelia.Willis@utoledo.edu MC 530.1020 PO1020A
Wolf, Maria Purchasing Agent maria.wolf@utoledo.edu HOS 383.6875 RHC0001R
Zhang, Xiaozhong FIS Database Analyst xiaozhong.zhang@utoledo.edu MC 530.1458 PO 1420
Last Updated: 1/3/19