Rocket Recycling

Summer Route Pickup Schedule

These routes are run consistently each week as long as staff and equipment permits. We run one truck on routes Monday - Thursday 10:30AM - 6:00PM. This is not the schedule when bins are services inside the buildings, as those are serviced by custodians. If your bin needs serviced, place an Environmental Services Work Request here

  Transportation Center Records & Retention Rocket Hall Academic Services  Student Union
  Rocket Hall Facilities Support  Bowman Oddy Northwest Tech  
  Ottawa East SIM Center Carlson Library Dock 3 (HSB)  
  Ottawa West Dock 3 (HSB/HEB) Student Union Ruppert Health  
  International House Kobacker University Hall Dana Cancer  
 Main Campus Medical Center Dana Cancer Ritter Loop Fenced Area Hotel   
  Academic House/ Sullivan Hotel North Engineering  Dock 5 (DOW)  
  Law Center Ruppert Health  TPS Locations  TPS Locations  
  Performing Arts Dock 5 (DOW)      
  Bowman Oddy Glendale Medical      
  Libbey Hall Educare Center      
  Field House Academic Services       
  Carlson Library Findley Athletic      
  Student Union Grounds      
  University Hall Childcare Center      
  Ritter Loop Fenced Area Recreation Center       
  McMaster Hall Computer Center      
  Driscoll Alumni Nitschke Technology      
  H&H Services R1      
  Snyder Memorial Palmer Hall      
  Health Education Savage Arena      
  North Engineering        
Last Updated: 6/26/15