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Custodial, Maintenance and Key Requests

Housing Building Maintenance, Custodial or Key requests submit through this link UToledo Housing Work Order Request Form

Please select your request type and use your UTAD credentials to sign in.

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Key  Requests 

REQUESTERS - Click HERE for Instructions how to REQUEST KEY
APPROVERS - Click HERE for Instructions how to APPROVE KEY

*To view the status of your request or to approve a key, log into your key request account and view your dashboard.*
Master and Sub-Master keys are limited to 4 assignments per approving index and reviewed based on Key Eligibility guidelines in our Key S.O.P.
Departments are allowed 1 Master and Sub-Master departmental key which is required to be kept in an electronic lock box. 

Maintenance, Custodial and Housekeeping Requests
Custodial FAQ's
Maintenance FAQ's

Key Requests
Key FAQ's
Contractor Keys
Lost/Stolen Keys
Key Control Policy 

Key Control Pick Up and Return Locations

Keys not picked up within 30 days of date of completion will be recycled back into the lockshop and a fee will be assessed to approving index

Main Campus
Plant Operations Building, Room 1430
2925 E. Rocket Drive
Toledo, OH 43606

Health Science Campus
Mulford Library Building (Basement)
HSC Security Office
3025 Library Circle
Toledo, OH 43614

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Link to Health Science Campus Map

Last Updated: 1/20/23