Facilities and Construction

Student Opportunities


Position Title: Student Groundskeeper
Department & Office: Facilities and Construction, Grounds
Contact Info: jeffrey.gajdostik@utoledo.edu
Job Description: Mows, trims & edges lawns; plants, weeds, fertilizes, and waters lawns, shrubs, and flower beds; trims shrubs. Keeps grounds clean. Removes snow & ice with hand shovel & broom; applies salt to snow & ice; operates power snow blower when necessary. Routine maintenance of grounds equipment as assigned.

Position Title: Student Recycler
Department & Office: Facilities and Construction, Energy Management
Contact Info: seed@utoledo.edu
Job Description: Operate university vehicles following established routes.  Pick up recyclable materials, transport to central site, and unload. Sort recyclable materials by appropriate types into defined areas. Maintains organization, cleanliness, and appearance of processing facility and recycling containers. Complete special projects and other duties as assigned.


Position Title: Sustainability Intern
Department & Office: Facilities and Construction, SEED Initiative
Contact Info: seed@utoledo.edu
Job Description: A variety of internship focuses are available based on interest and background. Can be used for class credit. For more here!


Program: Friday Night Lights
Time & Date: Every Friday during Fall & Spring Semester
Location: South Dining Hall in Student Union
Description: helping UT conserve energy by turning off lights in academic buildings. More info here!

Program: Rockets Recycle- Green Tailgating
Time & Date: Every Home Football Game (2 hours prior to kickoff - half time)
Location: Recycling Truck in Parking Area 6
Description: Promote recycling at Rocket football games. More info here!

Program: Grounds Beautification
Time & Date: To be determined by organization
Location: Around any of UT campuses, or off campus
Description: Supportive of any organization looking to volunteer by cleaning the grounds, trash pickup, general leaf raking.  Opportunities to borrow supplies to help the surrounding areas look nice as well.
Contact: douglas.collins@utoledo.edu 


Last Updated: 1/21/20