Faculty Senate

Missed Class Policy    

The University of Toledo Missed Class Policy

Approved by Faculty Senate, 1/22/02;
approved by Student Senate, 1/22/02 

This policy provides for basic protections and reasonable accommodations for students who miss class with excused absences. Students are expected to attend every class meeting of courses in which they are registered. Only in specific, unavoidable situations does the University excuse absences from class: 1) personal emergencies, including, but not limited to, illness of the student or of a dependent of the student [as defined by the Board of Trustees’ Policy on Family and Medical Leave], or death in the family; 2) religious observances that prevent the student from attending class; 3) participation in University-sponsored activities, approved by the appropriate University authority, such as intercollegiate athletic competitions, activities approved by academic units, including artistic performances, R.O.T.C. functions, academic field trips, and special events connected with coursework; 4) government-required activities, such as military assignments, jury duty, or court appearances; and 5) any other absence that the professor approves.  

Itis the responsibility of each instructor to decide what weight (if any) shall be placed on missed classes in the computation of final course grades. The instructor must inform students in writing during the first week of the course (e.g., in the course syllabus) of his/her policies on missed classes and related issues, including unexcused absences, make-up examinations, and makeup of work missed during students’ excused absences.  It is the responsibility of each instructor to identify in his/her syllabus the methods (written, e-mail, and/or voice mail) by which any unexpected student absences should be communicated.  Each instructor should provide students with at least two of the aforementioned methods as options to communicate any absences.  Instructors’ missed class policies must be consistent with the University Policy as stated in the paragraph above. The taking of class attendance is at the discretion of the faculty.

Students are responsible for complying with the missed class policies of their instructors. Students bear the responsibility of notifying the instructor of a planned absence by one of the methods provided by the instructor.  In the event of an emergency or an unavoidably short notice of absence, the student must present the instructor with an approved written excuse upon the student’s return to class.  Approved written excuses will be at the instructor’s discretion, including, but not limited to, doctor’s notice, funeral programs, etc.  It is strongly recommended that the student use two of the three aforementioned methods (email, writing, or voicemail) to insure that the instructor is properly notified of the planned absence.  In the event that the instructor should not receive the student’s notification, the student should be prepared to present an alternative excuse.  It will be at the instructor’s discretion to approve or disapprove of the alternative excuse.

Students are responsible for all material covered in classes they miss, even when their absences are excused as defined above. Students must make arrangements with instructors to complete missed assignments, labs, examinations or other course requirements. In turn, instructors are not to penalize students with excused absences.

The Provost shall inform faculty in writing of this policy, making clear that instructors bear responsibility for the academic conduct of their classes and for providing reasonable accommodation for students who miss class with excused absences.
Last Updated: 6/9/16