Office of Student Financial Aid

Never Pay a Fee to:

File your FAFSA, enter a repayment plan for your federal student loans, consolidate your federal student loans, or get help with a defaulted federal student loan.

There have been several online ads claiming that “Obama Wants to Forgive Your Student Loans!”  or  “Erase Default Statuses in 4-6 Weeks!”.  The links take you to companies that want to help you manage your loans --- FOR A FEE.   You NEVER need to pay for help with your federal student loans.  The Department of Education can help you: lower your monthly payments, consolidate your federal student loans, check on loan forgiveness and help you get out of default. 

Your loan servicer – the company that collects your payments on behalf of the Department of Education can also help you with these goals for free.  If you need help with your debt, you should contact your loan servicer.  To find contact information for all of the loan servicers, Click here

For information regarding repayment plans,  Click here

For information regarding loan consolidation, Click here 

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Last Updated: 10/27/20