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Tuition Waiver: Eligible Employees and Dependents

Now’s the time to submit tuition waiver forms

The UT community is working diligently to ensure our students are fully prepared for fall semester.

Many benefit from UT’s tuition waiver program, which is available to eligible employees and dependents. Those planning to use waivers for fall semester are reminded to submit them by Friday, Aug. 9, to avoid late fees and registration cancellation.

The process of submitting a tuition waiver is quick and can be completed online through the MyUT portal. Students receiving the tuition waiver must be registered prior to the waiver’s submission.

Employees can access the tuition fee waiver process through the MyUT portal on the Employee tab. The following information is needed:

  • Employee’s UTAD username
  • Employee’s UTAD password
  • Rocket ID number and date of birth for each person who will use the tuition waiver

To ensure students who meet their financial obligations receive prime academic and other services, UT will continue its registration cancellation process. Students with certain outstanding balances will experience registration cancellation on Wednesday, Aug. 14. Registration cancellation means the student will be dropped from all registered Fall 2013 classes and residence hall assignments in UT housing. Holds will be placed on affected students’ accounts, preventing them from attending classes or re-registering until specific requirements are met.

Students are encouraged to check their MyUT accounts regularly to keep current with changing financial information and ensure they’re aware of outstanding balances that require action.

For more information about tuition waivers, please visit the following website:

New: 50% Grad School Tuition Waiver for Dependents, Spouses of Full-time Faculty and Staff: 

A benefit available to dependents, spouses and domestic partners of UT employees for undergraduate education is now being extended to cover half of graduate program tuition for selected credit-bearing programs.

Dependents, spouses and domestic partners of full-time faculty and staff who have been employed at UT for at least one year will be eligible to receive a 50 percent tuition waiver for most UT graduate programs beginning fall semester of 2013. 

The benefit excludes the juris doctor, doctor of medicine, doctor of pharmacy, doctor of occupational therapy, doctor of physical therapy, executive MBA, physician’s assistant master’s, doctor of nursing practice, and clinical nurse leader degrees, as well as other graduate nursing degrees.

Dependents must be employees’ children – naturally born or adopted – or stepchildren. They must be unmarried and are eligible for the benefit until the end of the semester in which they turn 28. Eligible dependents receive the 50 percent graduate tuition waiver or a graduate assistantship (if offered), but not both.

The application fee will be waived for these new enrollees in UT’s graduate programs.

Those who take advantage of the offer may enroll part-time or full-time and should be aware that the benefit is taxable to the student.

For questions about how to take advantage of the tuition waiver, contact Human Resources and Talent Development at 419.530.4747.

To learn more about or apply to a specific program, contact the College of Graduate Studies at 419.530.GRAD (4723). Apply at Since many programs require standardized admissions testing, it is recommended that interested persons act quickly to ensure their ability to enroll for fall semester.

This enhanced benefit does not change the current eligibility or benefit available to dependents, spouses and domestic partners of UT employees for undergraduate programs nor does it change the process for submitting an undergraduate waiver.

To submit for this 50% Grad tuition waiver a hard copy form (see link below) must be completed and returned to Benefits after the student has been accepted to the program and registered for classes.

Eligibility Requirements for UT Faculty/Staff Waiver can be found at the Following Link


Last Updated: 6/26/15