College of Health Sciences

Health & Recreation Professions

Undergraduate and graduate programs related to health/wellness and rehabilitation pro­fessions are found in this department (department overview available). Programs include academic course work and practical experiences designed to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for entry into professional careers. 


Public Health
The Public Health program is designed to prepare students to work in voluntary health organizations, in local, state and national government health agencies, or in worksite wellness.

Health Care Administration
The Health Care Administration program at UT provides students with knowledge and skills to manage as health-care professionals in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, long-term care, outpatient facilities, physician offices, and public health agencies. This interdisciplinary program introduces students to managerial concepts and related skills. The health-care core courses enhance students’ knowledge in a variety of related subjects, including current health issues, legislation affecting health care, management theories, and decision making, all of which are important in health care administration.

Students interested in health-care administration have several options to consider, depending on their interests and backgrounds.

  • First, students completing the four-year pro­gram in health care administration can also earn a general minor in business.
  • Second, there are certain courses that are offered for students who want a concentration in long-term care administration. These students can also earn a general minor in business.
  • Third, the 2 + 2 year program is offered to individuals who hold at least an associate’s degree in a health related field. These students most often have direct health-care work experience, such as nurses, respiratory therapists, radiologic technicians and want to further their education and management expertise.

Health Information Administration
The University of Toledo's Health Information Administration (HIA) program is available completely via Distance Learning. Students who reside outside of the state of Ohio and enroll in an online program at UT may be eligible for the Online Learning Out-of-State Scholarship. UT also participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program providing scholarships to military veterans.

Recreational Therapy
The Recreational Therapy program meets professional standards set by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC) and the American Therapeutic Recreation Association (ATRA).

The program is designed to give the student a basic foundation in the three major areas of therapeutic recreation service deliv­ery – functional intervention, leisure education and special recreation. 

Bowling Green State University offers an undergraduate program in Recreation (Tourism, Leisure and Event Planning)  through their college of Education and Human Development.


Masters Degree in Recreation Administration (ONLINE Degree and Combination of ONLINE and IN CLASS Degree)
The graduate degree offers students the ability to focus on areas of interest while obtaining skills beyond the entry level. Advanced coursework challenges the student to investigate personal philosophies as they relate to the delivery of leisure services. Students also have the ability to choose service learning projects and academic activities such as internships that will prepare them for successful careers in the field. Students also have the opportunity to participate in research activities with faculty, present at conferences and shadow professionals while learning. Students may also choose courses to gain an administrative background in recreation, therapeutic recreation recreational therapy and therapeutic arts.

The Masters Degree in Recreation Administration can be completed on-line. It is 36 hours and a student may begin any semester (Fall, Spring or Summer).

The Masters Degree in Recreation Administration with an emphasis in Recreation Therapy is a two-year degree full-time and it is a combination of on-line and in class courses. Upon completion of this degree, students are eligible to apply to sit for the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists exam.

Master of Public Health Degree in Health Promotion and Education
Health Promotion and Education is one of the specializations in the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Degree program offered through the Northwest Ohio Consortium for Public Health. This Program is accredited by Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). This specialization provides advanced study of professional skills and professional competencies in the area of health education, health promotion, and health behavior. Students graduating from this major are prepared to assist communities, organizations and individuals in working toward a healthier society by using appropriate educational, behavioral, and social change strategies.

Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Health Education

The mission of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in health education program is to prepare doctoral degree graduates in advanced study and research in community/public health. The program prepares advanced students to contribute to the field of health education through teaching, research, and service. Although health and research courses are required, the program is individualized through selection of elective courses and a cognate to develop each student for leadership roles in universities, the private health sector, or government agencies.

Last Updated: 6/30/15