The Student Wellness Center

Clinic Services

Services available at the clinic include:
 Acute illness care
 Physical examinations
 Prescription medications
 Mental health and counseling services 
 Allergy injections
 Immunizations for required clerkships
 Occupational exposure follow-up care
 Well woman care and routine contraceptive care

Tests that are covered under UHS include:
 Occupational exposure testing and immediate follow-up care
 Chest x-rays for students with positive PPD skin tests
 Students are responsible for any charges not covered by this benefit. If you are unsure, always inquire BEFORE the test is performed.

Pre-martriculation requirements:

In case of an emergency (illness or injury you believe is life threatening), GO TO THE EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT.
If you are on campus, go to the UTMC Emergency Department.
If you are OFF campus, call 911 or be taken to the NEAREST Emergency Department. Costs incurred through these visits must be borne by the student's health insurance or the student.
Your UToledo Student Health Insurance will only cover emergency room visits for medical emergencies and you must return to University Health Services for necessary follow-up care or your primary care physician (a referral from UHS is required to see your primary care physician).

Family Medicine Clinic Service Charges and Insurance
Charges for services rendered in Family Medicine Clinic will be submitted to your health insurance for payment. There is a charge for some immunizations, lab tests, and radiology services.

Evening, Weekend or UToledo Holidays
When you need to seek treatment after hours you may go to a local Urgent Care Center, this will result in an out-of-pocket expense.For a life-threatening illness/injury, go to the nearest Emergency Department.  Be certain to call the servicing agent to verify their facility is covered by your insurance.

Changes in holiday hours will be posted for students.

Last Updated: 8/26/20