Master of Athletic Training Program

Program Costs/Fees, Health Requirements
and Additional Information


Students will be required to maintain certain requirements throughout the time in the program.

  • CPR/AED Certification - the type of certification must align with current BOC standards
  • Vaccination/Immunizations, Physical Examination including annual PPD test (see UToledo MAT Policies and Procedures Manual for the complete list)


In addition to requirements, students shall be responsible for the following costs associated with the program.

  • Tuition: Instructional fees are determined by the University of Toledo and are payable as established by UToledo.  Current graduate tuition rates (based on AY20-21 UToledo Office of the Treasurer Information) are as follows:
    • First Year Tuition (Summer/Fall/Spring/Summer) - $24,124.74 (in state), $40,879.08 (out of state)
    • Second Year Tuition (Fall/Spring)- $11,084.34 (in state), $18,782.28 (out of state)
      **First Year includes 4 semesters due to sequencing, Second Year includes 2 semesters**
  • General Fees: Approximately $700 per year (varies depending on exact number of credits and courses)
  • MAT Program Fee: $200 per semester (supports purchasing of expendable supplies, clothing, educational resources, etc)
  • Books: Every effort will be made to provide students with free access to textbooks via a UT Library provided resources.  Occasionally, additional textbooks will be recommended and should not exceed $500 for the entirety of the program.
  • Parking/Vehicle Registration: Each student who drives a motor vehicle to campus will be required to purchase a valid UT Parking Permit.  The cost for this permit is approximately $125 per semester.
  • Proof of Immunization and Titers:  Students must provide proof of immunizations (See Appendix B of the UToledo MAT Policies and Procedures Manual for complete list) prior to any clinical education.  Should the student fail to provide written documentation, titers will be required and will be at the expense of the student.
  • Additional costs associated with clinical education include but are not limited to: transportation to/from the clinical site, parking at the clinical site, uniforms, housing, meals, additional training as required by the clinical education site, and criminal background check.
  • National Athletic Trainers’ Association Membership: MAT Program students are required to be members of the NATA.   Membership provides numerous resources and access to materials that will be used throughout the program.  Student membership fees are $90 per year. 
  • Graduate and Certification Examination Preparation: Students will need to purchase a cap and gown for graduation and may be required to pay additional graduation fees.  The NATA BOC Examination requires students to apply ($35 for NATA members, $60 for non-members) and register ($330) for the examination in their final semester of the program. Additional BOC Examination preparation materials will be made available to students for free or reduced cost.
For information about financial assistance, please visit Funding your MAT Degree.
Last Updated: 6/27/22