Master of Athletic Training Program

Classroom/Didactic Component

The faculty of the UToledo Master of Athletic Training Program pride themselves on their use of high-impact teaching practices including the use of problem-based learning methods, contemporary tools and equipment, and the opportunity for first hand experiences via simulated situations and standardized patients. Through these methods, students are provided not only knowledge but the opportunity to put that knowledge to use and hone their skills in supported yet challenging learning situations.

Learning and Teaching Resources:
  • Dedicated Athletic Training classroom and teaching laboratory that includes a wide range of equipment and tools used in contemporary clinical practice
  • Cadaver Anatomy laboratory
  • Interprofessional Immersive Simulation Center 


The UToledo MAT Program consists of 55 academic credits spread over 6 academic semesters. The program begins in June and runs continuously for 23 months and students will be actively engaged in classroom and/or clinical education activities throughout the entire program. The curriculum of the UToledo MAT is aligned with the Commission on the Accreditation of Athletic Training Education (CAATE) Standards for Professional Programs.   

Summer I 
ATTR 6140 Functional Musculoskeletal Anatomy (3)
ATTR 6150 Foundations of AT Practice (3)

Total: 6 hours
Fall I
ATTR 6120 Evaluation and Management of Peripheral Joint Injuries (4)
ATTR 6310 Therapeutic Interventions I (3)
ATTR 6800 Foundations of Scholarly Practice (3)
ATTR 6610 Clinical Skills I (2)

Total: 12 hours

ATTR 6220 Evaluation and Management of Head and Spine Injuries (4)
ATTR 6700 Therapeutic Interventions II (3)
ATTR 6810 Scholarly Practice I (1)
ATTR 6620 Clinical Skills II (2)

Total: 10 hours

Summer II
ATTR 6510 Evaluation and Management of General Medical Conditions (3)
ATTR 6520 Management of Emergencies in Athletic Training (3)
ATTR 6410 Clinical Biomechanics (2)

Total: 8 hours
Fall II
ATTR 6710 Organization and Administration of AT Programs (3)
ATTR 6730 Optimization of Performance and Wellness (3)
ATTR 6660 Evidence-Based Practice in Sports Medicine (2)
ATTR 6820 Scholarly Practice II (1)
ATTR 6630 Clinical Skills III (3)

Total: 12 hours

ATTR 6600 Issues and Management in Athletic Training (3)
ATTR 6830 Scholarly Practice III (1)
ATTR 6640 Clinical Skills IV (3)

Total: 7 hours

PROGRAM TOTAL = 55 hours

Last Updated: 6/27/22