College of Health and Human Services

Honors program Subcommitee

i. The Honors Subcommittee will consist of one Faculty Representative from each school that provides undergraduate classes and a non-voting ex officio Director of the College Honors Program.
ii. The Director of the College Honors Program will serve as Chairperson of the Honors Subcommittee.
iii. The Honors Subcommittee shall have the following responsibilities:

1. Review, and if acceptable, propose approval of honors classes proposed by the schools;
2. Review, and if acceptable, approve school honors policies and procedures;

Committee membership 2021-2022
  • Erica Czaja - (2022) School of Population Health Representative, Assistant Professor, Public Health
  • An Dinh - (2022) School of Intervention and Wellness Representative, Assistant Professor, Speech-Language Pathology
  • David Kujawa - (2022) School of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences Representative, Clinical Assistant Professor, Physical Therapy
  • Mamta Ojha - (2022) School of Social Justice Representative, Assistant Professor, Social Work
  • John Laux (Chair) - (2022) Director of the Honors College Program

Last Updated: 6/27/22