Counselor Education Program (MA, PhD)

Department of Counselor Education & School Psychology Application Questions

Please prepare a thorough but concise typed response for the following questions. Submit the responses to the Graduate School along with your application materials.

  1. How will a PhD in Counselor Education help you to achieve your career goals?

  2. What experiences do you expect to have in this department that would help you to achieve your career goals?

  3. Please discuss your professional identity as a counselor.

  4. Please describe your counseling related or program relevant work experience.

  5. Please describe your experience with research, teaching, and service to the profession.

  6. Discuss an area or areas of success in your previous graduate work.

  7. Discuss an area or areas of challenge in your previous graduate work and the circumstances surrounding these.

  8. Please discuss areas of interest that you may wish to investigate in your research as a doctoral student.

  9. What do you envision as areas in which you may be able to contribute to the Department and the profession?

  10. Describe your strengths and limitations as a writer and as a researcher.

  11. What do you envision will be challenging for you in a doctoral program and how will you address these challenges?

  12. How do you plan to use the residency experience to enhance your learning experience?

  13. Please describe your experience working with information technology including applications programs.
Last Updated: 6/27/22