Counselor Education Program (MA, PhD)

Minor in Counseling

The Counselor Education and School Psychology programs offer nationally-accredited graduate degree programs in counseling and school psychology. The  M.A. in Counselor Education with a School Counseling concentration leads to Ohio licensure as a School Counselor in elementary, middle, junior high, or high schools. The M.A. in Counselor Education with a Clinical Mental Health Counseling concentration leads to licensure in Ohio as a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor allowing graduates to provide mental health services in community mental health agencies and private practice. The  M.A. & Ed.S. in School Psychology leads to licensure as a School Psychologist in the schools. The Ph.D. in Counselor Education allows graduates to be employed in administrative positions in mental health agencies or schools, work in colleges or universities as a faculty member, and/or pursue private practice. Since these are graduate programs, applicants must first complete an undergraduate degree. Although the undergraduate degree can be in any field, having a minor in counseling enhances a student’s chances of gaining entry into the graduate programs.

The Minor in Counseling comprises a minimum of 19 semester hours with only one required course: COUN 1110 Fundamentals of Human Mental Health. The remaining hours can be met by taking a variety of undergraduate COUN courses offered at the 1000, 2000, 3000, and 4000 levels. The courses cover interesting topics such as helping relationship skills, group and family counseling techniques, theories of counseling, substance abuse prevention, and case management. Although the Minor in Counseling does not lead to any certification or licensure at the undergraduate level,  it provides a solid foundation in the theory and practice of the helping professions and would be appropriate for students preparing for a graduate degree in counseling or school psychology as well as students who just want to learn more about counseling and mental health. Interested students should contact their undergraduate advisor or success coach for additional information. Click on the link to obtain the Counseling Minor Plan of Study form.

Course Number Course Name

Credit Hours

CE & SP Required Core Course (4 hours)
COUN 1110 Fundamentals of Human Mental Health 4

CE & SP Electives (15-16 hours)
At least 8 hours must be at 3000 or 4000 level

 COUN 1240  Substance Abuse Issues in Mental Health  3
COUN 2120 Group and Therapeutic Approaches 4
COUN 2220 Family Theories & Cultural Influences in Mental Health 3
COUN 3000 Cultural Competence in the Helping Professions 3
COUN 3110 Case Management in Mental Health 3
COUN 3140 Substance Abuse Prevention & Community Programming 3
 COUN 3150  Models of Treatment for Substance Abuse 3
COUN 3220 Theories in Mental Health 3
COUN 4080 Essentials of Helping Relationships 3
COUN 4240 Substance Abuse Treatment Techniques 3

A minimum of 19 semester hours required for completion.

Last Updated: 8/30/22