Counselor Education Program (MA, PhD)


Masters Syllabi

COUN 5110  Career Counseling and Development
COUN 5120 Individual and Groups Assessment
COUN 5130  Group Counseling
COUN 5140  Counseling Theories and Application
COUN 5150  Counseling Across the Lifespan
COUN 5160  Cultural Diversity in Counseling and School Psychology
COUN 5180  Counseling Skills
COUN 5190  Practicum in School Counseling
COUN 5190 Practicum in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
COUN 6100 Comprehensive School Counseling Program 
COUN 6210  Psychopathology
COUN 6220/7220  Child, Adolescent and Family Therapy
COUN 6230 Crisis Intervention Counseling
COUN 6240  Diagnosis and Mental Health Counseling 
COUN 6470/8470  Drugs and Mental Health
COUN 6940  Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship
COUN 6940  School Counseling Internship
COUN 7510  Supervision in Counseling and School Psychology
COUN 7540  Advanced Personality Assessment
COUN 8460  Substance Abuse Counseling
HSHS 6000  Statistics and Research for Health Science and Human Service Professions
SPSY 5040  Legal and Ethical Issues for the School Psychologist and School Counselors
SPSY 5170  Consultation Theories and Techniques

Doctoral Syllabi

COUN 7510  Supervision in Counseling and School Psychology
COUN 7520  Educational Leadership in Mental Health Professions
COUN 7530  Advanced Theories of Counseling and Consultation
COUN 7930  Doctoral Research Seminar in Counselor Education
COUN 8180  Advanced Multicultural Issues in Counselor Education and Supervision
COUN 8410  Advanced Practicum in Individual and Group Therapy
COUN 8450  Couples and Family Therapy
COUN 8940  Doctoral Internship

Last Updated: 6/27/22