College of Health and Human Services

Graduate Student Academic Forms

Expectation Forms:
Incomplete/In progress Grade Agreement Form
Independent Study Contract (Under UTC Resources)

Student Re-Admission Forms:
Application for  Graduate Re-Admission Guidelines (if absent for one calendar year or more)
Continuation of Matriculation for Degree (for students seeking a one year extension to their original time limit)
Request for Time Extension and Course Recertification (for students seeking extensions beyond one year to their original time to degree)
Petition for Academic Fresh Start

Change Forms:
Course Request and Seminar Request Form
Request for Change in Graduate Program
Request for Transfer Credit
Status/Advisor Change Request Form

Setting up Committee:
Composition of Committees

Plan of Study Forms:
Plan of Study for the Master’s Degree
           Plans of Study--MPH
           Plan of Study--MSOH-IH
Plan of Study for the Educational Specialist Degree
Plan of Study for the Doctoral Degree
Plan of Study Course Substitution Form 

Forms to submit BEFORE any RESEARCH activity:
GRAD form
Defense Acceptance & Intellectual Protection form
Office of Research Forms:  IRB, etc.

Examination and Final Document Forms:
Application for Admission to Candidacy for the Degree Program
Acceptance of Thesis or Dissertation for Defense
Examination Results and Proposal Form
Approval of Project
Approval of Thesis
Approval of Dissertation

Graduation Forms:
Application for Graduation Online
Application for Graduation Paper
Submission Deadlines
Graduate School Re-admission Form


Last Updated: 11/6/20