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Francis X. Pizza, Ph.D.

Francis PizzaProfessor, School of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Health and Human Services
Office: HH1416A
Email: francis.pizza@utoledo.edu 
Phone: 419.530.4178
Fax: 419.530.759




Research Interests
Our research focuses on the cellular and molecular processes that restores structure and function to skeletal muscle injured by physical activity and disease, and that facilitate muscle growth/hypertrophy after increased muscle use (e.g., resistance exercise). In particular, we seek to identify mechanisms through which components of the inflammatory response augment muscle repair/regeneration and hypertrophy. Findings from our laboratory have identified a novel mechanism through which the inflammatory response regulates growth processes within skeletal muscle by demonstrating that adhesion molecules of the inflammatory response regulate regenerative and hypertrophic processes in skeletal muscle. Results from our studies will help define novel therapeutic targets that restore structure and function to injured muscles, and facilitate the maintenance and/or growth of skeletal muscle, particularly in older individuals and those with inflammatory muscle disease.

Information on our research facilities can be found at the link below:
Exercise Biology Laboratories


Ph.D.   Exercise Physiology.  The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, 1991

M.A.    Exercise Physiology. AdelphiUniversity, Garden City, New York, 1988

B.E.     Human Performance. The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio, 1986

Professional Experience

2004 – Present    Professor, The University of Toledo, Dept. Kinesiology. Toledo, OH.

1998 - 2004       Associate Professor, The University of Toledo, Dept. Kinesiology. Toledo, OH.

1997 - 1998      Associate Professor, Texas Christian University, Dept. of Kinesiology. Fort Worth, Texas.

1996 - 1997     Research Associate in Space Biology, University of California at Los Angeles. Dept. of Physiological Science.                              Muscle Cell Biology Lab.

1991 - 1996      Assistant Professor, Texas Christian University, Dept. of Kinesiology. Fort Worth, Texas.


Contact Information

Francis X. Pizza, Ph.D.
School of Exercise & Rehabilitation Sciences
Mail Stop # 119
The University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft St. 
Toledo, Ohio 43606




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