Exercise Science Program


Thomas McLoughlin, Ph.D.


Thomas McLoughlin Associate Professor, School of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences
College of Health and Human Services
Office: HH 2512 
Email: thomas.mcloughlin@utoledo.edu 
Phone: 419-530-5982 
Fax: 419-530-4759

Exercise Biology Laboratories

Dr. McLoughlin joined the Department of Kinesiology at The University of Toledo as an Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology in January 2004.  

Research Scope:
Skeletal muscle is a highly adaptable tissue that responds to various mechanical, metabolic, and environmental demands through changes in morphology, plasticity, enzyme capacity, and/or cytosolic composition.    These adaptations are accomplished through modulation in various molecular signaling cascades, resulting in transcriptional and translational alterations, changes in gene expression patterns, and select protein modifications.    Skeletal muscle atrophy, a process characterized by increased protein degradation and a decrease in muscle size, is a manifestation of physical inactivity, aging, neuromuscular injury, and/or various disease processes.  Understanding the molecular regulation and processes associated with skeletal muscle atrophy is necessary for attenuating losses in skeletal muscle mass and function associated with aging, injury, and various disease processes, and, ultimately, improving the overall quality of life in a multitude of individuals.     

Current Research:
Our lab is involved in several projects investigating the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle growth and the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass associated with physical activity and inactivity.    Specifically, Forkhead (FoxO) proteins constitute a sub-family of winged-helix transcription factors (i.e. FoxO1, FoxO3, and FoxO4) responsible for maintaining cell survival, proliferation and metabolic regulation.   Currently, our lab is investigating the contribution of FoxO1 in regulating the interplay between skeletal muscle growth and metabolic flux. 

Postdoctoral Research Associate , 10/01-12/03
The Muscle Biology Laboratory
The University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois   60608
Supervisor: Karyn A. Esser, Ph.D.

Doctor of Philosophy , Applied Physiology, 8/01
Minor: Research and Measurement
The University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio   43606

Dissertation Title: Neutrophil-mediated skeletal myotube injury: the contribution of reactive oxygen and nitrogen intermediates

Master of Arts , Exercise Physiology, 8/96
Adelphi University, Garden City, New York   11530

Bachelor of Science , Athletic Training/Exercise Science, 5/95 
Ithaca College, Ithaca, New York   14850


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