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Respiratory Care

Zakaria Alyousif

Zakaria Alyousif, Ph.D., RRT

Assistant Professor
Department of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences

Office: HH2003A

Mail Stop 119

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Zakaria received his Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy and his Master of Exercise Science from the University of Toledo.  He has worked in several subspecialty areas of Respiratory Therapy including pulmonary function testing and adult critical care. In 2020, Zakaria completed his Doctor of Philosophy at The University of Toledo, in Exercise Science with a specialized research focus in cardiopulmonary and metabolism studies.

Zakaria’s teaching interests are focused on research analysis and issues in professional practice. The specific subject areas he enjoys are the physiology of the respiratory system as well as diseases of the respiratory system.

Ultimately, his research goal is to discover ways to help people suffering from chronic respiratory diseases to prolong their life and their quality of life with affordable and time-efficient treatments. Chronic respiratory issues such as asthma and obstructive sleep apnea have increased and will likely continue to increase. Zakaria sees a need to research preventative and therapeutic treatments of all types!

Last Updated: 7/15/24