College of Health and Human Services

Public Health

 Rega Paul Rega, MD, FACEP
Assistant Professor
Director of EM Simulation Education
UTMC Medical Advisor for Disaster Preparedness

School of Population Health

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Office: COB 4218
Mail Stop 1027
Phone: 419.383.6722
Fax:     419.383.5880

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Paul Rega MD, FACEP has been an emergency physician for thirty-four years.  During his career, he was Board-certified in both Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Emergency Medicine.  Concurrently, he developed an interest in Disaster Medicine and became a responder, researcher, and educator in Disaster Medicine.  In the early ‘80s, he founded OH-1 DMAT, one of the first civilian-volunteer disaster teams under NDMS, FEMA, and HHS and deployed to Hurricanes Andrew, Floyd, Marilyn, the Red River Floods, and the NATO Summit.  He has been invited to lecture and develop courses and exercises regionally, nationally, and internationally.  His interest in anti-terrorism preparedness resulted in a grant to provide to emergency departments nationally a “Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Wall Chart” and one of his emergency manuals on bioterrorism was peer-reviewed and published in Germany and Austria.  He is the author of many peer-reviewed articles plus book chapters on a diverse assortment of subjects dealing with pandemics, disasters, acupuncture, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, EMS, psychosis, and emergency medicine techniques.  Upon his retirement from clinical practice six years ago, Dr. Rega, as Assistant Professor, became principally associated with the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at the University of Toledo and, secondarily, with the Department of Emergency Medicine.  He has developed, co-developed, and/or taught a number of courses dealing with pandemics, disasters, HAZMAT, environmental and occupational health, and global health.  Dr. Rega’s integration of simulation medicine into emergency medicine and public health issues, has furthered the education of MPH candidates, PA, Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, and UT undergraduates.  

Last Updated: 7/1/19