Paralegal Studies

Minor in Legal Specialties

This 21 credit hour minor is designed to give the student an overview of the legal profession and an understanding of the law. The Minor includes an introductory survey course, a case law study course, and a legal practice course. The remaining twelve hours give the student freedom to explore particular areas of interest in the legal field. Please note that this Minor does not prepare students for a career as a Paralegal and that the Minor in Legal Specialties is not approved by the American Bar Association.

Required for Legal Specialties Minor: * 21 Hours
LGL 1010 Introduction to Law 3 Hours
LGL 1150 Tort Law 3 Hours
LGL 2120 Real Estate Law 3 Hours
LGL xxxx Electives (select 4 courses from the following) 12 Hours

LGL 1160 Legal Research & Writing (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. LGL:1010)

LGL 2110 Estate & Probate Administration (3 hrs.)

LGL 2130 Family Law (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. LGL:1010 & LGL:1160)

LGL 2700 Advocacy: Mock Trial (3 hrs.)

LGL 3010 Law of Business Associations (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. LGL:1010 & LGL:1720)

LGL 3110 Personal Law (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. Junior Standing or Instructor Permission)

LGL 3120 Personal Law II (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. LGL:3120)

LGL 3350 Alternative Dispute Resolution (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. LGL:1010, LGL:1150 & LGL:2020)

LGL 4030 Contract Law (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. LGL:1010 & LGL:1160)

LGL 4230 Health Care & the Law (3 hrs.)
(*Prereq. Junior Standing or Instructor Permission)

* Students will be responsible for meeting all of the prerequisites for the required courses in the minor. Candidates for the minor must have their course work verified and approved by a ULS departmental adviser or the ULS department chair prior to registration.

Last Updated: 6/27/22