Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

PT Multicultural Leadership Council (PT MCLC)

The Physical Therapy MultiCultural Leadership Council was established as a physical therapy student organization in October 2019. The PT MCLC members embrace the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) value of social responsibility to “promote mutual trust between the profession and the larger public that necessitates responding to societal needs for health and wellness.”

The members of the PT MCLC recognize the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion within the health care professions to the health of the individuals and the communities they will serve. The PT MCLC members appreciate that society is best served by a health care workforce that reflects its diversity. To that end, the organization supports the efforts of the APTA to increase diversity, equity and inclusion within the profession by working to raise awareness of physical therapy as a potential career choice for individuals in the under-represented segments of the community through outreach and engagement activities. 

PT MCLC Mission statement

The University of Toledo Multicultural Leadership Council is a physical therapy student-run organization serving to raise awareness of the profession of physical therapy to the underrepresented population at the university and local level; by promoting diversity, equity and inclusivity, we hope to provide more opportunities to individuals interested in healthcare professions and higher education.

Multicultural Leadership Council Members
Front row (L-R): Matthew Martinez, Emiko Mar, Nideo Foster, Noella Che Ngum Nsoh.
Middle Row (L-R):  Jasmira Brown, Shaina Rawls, Ashley Teets, Callie Scheuermann, Sydney Weis.
Back Row (L-R): Courtney Stano, Abigail Hernandez, Timera Bates. 

 Scholarship Opportunities

  • APTA Minority Scholarship Award 
    This scholarship recognizes physical therapy students currently in their final year of an accredited program. This award is sponsored by the Minority Scholarship Fund and voluntary contributions. 

 Professional Membership Opportunities

  • National Association of Black Physical Therapists 
    The National Association of Black Physical Therapists was established to address the issue of increasing diversity in both PT educational programs and increasing representation in the physical therapy profession. The NABPT is dedicated to increasing and supporting underrepresented minorities in physical therapy in areas such as admissions practices, recruitment and retention of URM PT students and faculty, supporting URM PT students while in their programs, increasing exposure of the profession in underrepresented communities, and efforts to increase representation in governance of the profession.
  • PT Proud
    PT Proud is the LGBTQ+ Committee under the Global Health Special Interest Group of the Health Policy & Administration Section of the American Physical Therapy Association. The committee is an LGBTQ+ advocacy group supporting equity, education, and community for LGBTQ+ patients and practitioners. The purpose of the LGBTQ+ committee is to unite PTs, PTAs, and students towards a common goal of affecting change in the profession of physical therapy through advocacy, policy, and promotion of competency education. The committee aims to address health disparities and positively affect the health care experience of LGBTQ patients, students, and clinicians.

Black History Month Highlights  Black Physical Therapy Leaders Over the Years
In honor of Black History Month, the article "Being the Change: Black Physical Therapy Leaders in Their Own Words"  has been published by APTA as a way to share inspiring stories from black leaders in the physical therapy profession about their lives. APTA began collecting oral histories of some of its most outstanding members some 40 years ago and is sharing their stories. Follow the link below to read the full article.

Being the Change: Black Physical Therapy Leaders in Their Own Words

Honoring Those Who Paved Our Way
The article "Vision, Courage, Compassion: Black Physical Therapists Who Transformed the Profession" was originally published in the PT News in February 2019. The UToledo PT Multicultural Leadership Council pays tribute to these pioneering African-American physical therapists, who pursued their dream and made important contributions to the physical therapy profession, by sharing their story with our peers and those interested in our profession. Follow the link below to the full article.

Vision, Courage, Compassion: Black Physical Therapists Who Transformed the Profession

Current Events

LGBTQ Community logoRecently, the MCLC hosted Dr. Amy Thompson and Beth Sander Thompson whose presentation, “Working with the LGBTQ+ Community” discussed the disparities that the LGBTQ+ community faces in our health care system. We learned about ways we as future PTs can create welcoming clinical environments for all our patients, no matter their backgrounds. 

Green Zone Training

Green zone stickerAll of our DPT Faculty have attended Green Zone Training which was  presented by Eric Buetikofer, Director of Military and Veteran Affairs 

Green Zone training provides a broad understanding of issues potentially facing our student service members, veterans and their families. Furthermore the intent is to help equip with you a knowledge base of various support services and resources on campus or throughout the community that assist this student population in their transition from military service to the classroom and beyond. We each can make a difference.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion of the LGBTQA+ Community
On November 5, 2020, the PT MCLC hosted a discussion regarding diversity, equity and inclusion of the LGBTQA+ community. The presentation by Danielle Stamper of UToledo's Office of Multicultural Student Success (OMSS) explored how to conduct supportive interactions including proper terminology and best communication practices. This workshop included understanding the difference between gender identity, gender expression, how to be an ally to all gender identities, and more. Participants now have the foundational knowledge and resources to start creating a more inclusive environment within the DPT program, the clinic and for our future patients.

UToledo Physical Therapy Multicultural Leadership Council Statement Regarding the Death Of George Floyd:

gfloydThe UToledo Physical Therapy Multicultural Leadership Council (PT MCLC) recognizes the ongoing injustices, especially to the Black community, occurring in society today. The death of George Floyd reflects the continuous challenges with racism and systemic injustices in our country. As a growing organization, we pledge to help the community of the University of Toledo become “Comfortable with the Uncomfortable” conversations. This includes the current injustices of the Black community and the inclusivity of minority and LGBTQ communities. The PT MCLC was established to raise awareness of the profession of physical therapy to the underrepresented population at the university and local level; by promoting diversity, equity and inclusivity.

We stand with our peers, our communities, and our future patients who have been affected by racism and injustice. Moving forward we will uphold and encourage others to recognize Principle 1 from the American Physical Therapy Association Code of Ethics for the Physical Therapist:

    • “1A. Physical therapists shall act in a respectful manner toward each person regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, religion, ethnicity, social or economic status, sexual orientation, health condition, or disability.
    • 1B. Physical therapists shall recognize their personal biases and shall not discriminate against others in physical therapist practice, consultation, education, research, and administration.”

Every day, we as students and future clinicians will work toward setting the pace to create an inclusive place. We intend to celebrate who we are as a people, acknowledging the richness of our differences so that we can build on our strengths and together strive for the common good. We are dedicated to understanding each other by appreciating and valuing the diversity within our community. 

On March 23, 2022, two second year University of Toledo Physical Therapy students and members of the Multicultural Leadership Council presented to high school students at St. Francis De Sales High School about the profession of physical therapy. Shaina Rawls and Sarah Sharp presented an APTA presentation titled PT Moves Me, that defines the paths to becoming a PT or PTA, and expands on the importance of PT as a profession, as well as showcasing just a few of the vast practice opportunities you can have as a physical therapist. For more information on PT Moves Me or having your students learn more about physical therapy visit  


Last Updated: 6/27/22