College of Health and Human Services

college personnel committee

A) The College Personnel Committee (CPC) provides college-level academic review for Faculty covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement of The University of Toledo with the UT-AAUP who seek re-appointment, promotion, or tenure.

B) The College Personnel Committee (CPC) covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) (referred henceforth as: CPC under CBA) will consist of one elected tenured professor or elected tenured associate professor who is covered by the CBA from each college school;

i. Each elected member of the CPC under CBA will serve a term of 2 years.
ii. Anyone eligible to serve on the CPC under CBA may be reelected at the conclusion of each term of office;
iii. If an elected representative cannot complete his or her term of office a new school election must be held to identify a representative to serve for the remainder of the term;
iv. The members of the CPC under CBA shall elect a Chairperson from their membership and determine procedures for committee operation;
v. If a School does not have a tenured faculty member of the appropriate rank to serve on the CPC under CBA, a majority of the faculty of that School must elect to; (a) not be represented on the Personnel Committee in cases where the representative is ineligible to vote, or (b) elect a tenured representative of appropriate rank from another school in the College;

C) The CPC under CBA shall have the following responsibilities:

i. Create a faculty development program to improve the quality of teaching, research, and service in the College;
ii. Make recommendations on individual faculty members' performance evaluations consistent with the CBA;
iii. Prepare recommendations on individual faculty members' applications for tenure consistent with the CBA;
iv. Prepare recommendations on individual faculty members' applications for promotion consistent with the CBA;
v. Review the College's elaboration for tenure and promotion;
vi. Advise the Dean on personnel matters relative to College Faculty covered under the CBA;
vii. Evaluate the functions of the CPC and recommend revisions.


Shipra SinghSchool of Population Health Representative, Associate Professor, Health Education

Jennifer ReynoldsSchool of Intervention and Wellness Representative, Associate Professor, School Psychology

Barry ScheuermannSchool of Exercise and Rehabilitation Sciences Representative, Professor, Exercise Science

Kasey Tucker-GailSchool of Social Justice Representative, Professor, Criminal Justice

Last Updated: 6/27/22