Speech-Language Pathology Program

Mission and Strategic Plan


The Speech-Language Pathology Program at The University of Toledo is dedicated to the development of competent and caring entry-level speech-language pathologists. The program is committed to providing a broad foundation of normal bases of speech, language, and hearing and specialized coursework in the assessment and remediation of speech and language disorders. The program provides coursework and practicum experiences with a diverse population to ensure that students demonstrate knowledge and skill competencies to provide services to children and adults with communication disorders.

The program is committed to quality teaching enhanced by faculty research with an emphasis on evidenced-based practices in assessment and remediation of speech-language disorders in children and adults. Clinical practicum is an integral part of the student's development and such experiences are interspersed throughout the student's education to provide opportunities to apply previously learned approaches and techniques under supervision.

In keeping with its mission, The University of Toledo Speech-Language Pathology program offers high quality and cutting-edge therapy to individuals with communication disorders through its Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic. The innovative, specialized clinical programs take a novel approach to providing services that are not currently offered in the Greater Toledo area. The research-based clinical programs are conducted by faculty and students for the dual purposes of student training and addressing community needs. Services are offered at reduced rates or no cost due to grant funding and other creative solutions.

Strategic Plan for Academic Years 2019-2023

Last Updated: 2/25/20