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Mr. Erik Johnson, Manager
2145 E. Scott Park Dr.
Toledo, OH 43607
Ph. 419.530.3170
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MBDC Members

Company: Bebley Enterprises, Inc.
Division: Drywall/Cleaning
Contact: Thomas Bebley
Phone: 409.389.9424

Company: The Urban Minority Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Outreach Program
Division: Drug Prevention
Contact: John Edwards
Phone: 419.255.4444

Company: Silver Lining Concierge, LLC
Division: Concierge Services
Contact: Jacqueline Humphrey
Phone: 1+419.285.6525

Company: The Danielle Vincent Agency, LLC
Division: Sports Management
Contact: Vince Wiggins
Phone: 419.346.8659

Company: The Josh Project, Inc.
Division: Water Safety
Contact: Tankeeya Butts
Phone: 419.574.2799

Company: Sunnyfuels, LLC
Division: Alternative Energy
Contact: Mahabala Adiga
Phone: 419.509.2090

Company: Phenix Homes, LLC
Division: DD/MRDD Services
Contact: Ron Phenix
Phone: 567.288.3292

Company: Brown 2 Green, LLC
Division:Energy Audits
Contact: Do'Land Brown
Phone: 419.535.1386

Company: Parker Energy Solutions, LLC
Division: Green Energy/ Sustainability
Contact: Karl Parker
Phone: 419.944.4063

Company: American Shipping And Packing Inc.
Division: Logistics
Contact: M. Don Carthorn
Phone: 1-800-597-2729

Company: St. Mark's Baptist Church
Division: Non-profit
Contact: Curley Johnson
Phone: 419-213-3756

Last Updated: 6/26/15