Managing your personal web site and WebDav 

After you request the creation of a personal web site from the Help Desk/Service Request Line, you will receive an email letting you know it has been set up and a sub folder named WWW has been created on your UTAD network H: drive.


The email will look like this:


 [your name], your new personal web site has been set up.

The web URL is[your userid]

On Campus: To add or modify files for this web just drag and drop them into the WWW subfolder within your UTAD network home directory folder. (Usually H: )

You can link to them from a computer connected to the internet by going to: or by using a process called webdav (more information is available at

To use the either click on the link in this email or enter the url into your browser.
When prompted enter your userid as:
and your utad password. (If you have forgotten it please reset it at:

Windows Computers

To use the WebDav method: start your Internet Explorer Browser
click on file
click on open
check the box that says open as a web folder
enter the path to your home directory server as:[your userid]

Then a small window will pop up asking you to authenticate to the server. Enter your userid as utad\[your userid] 
Then your password. You should be able to now drag and drop any files into the WWW folder on your web site.

The starting page should be called default.htm, default.html, index.htm or index.html. If you do not have
a page with this name then it will show a listing of all the files in your WWW folder.

If you need more information about accessing your home directory folder
go to



Macintosh Computers

If you have a Macintosh, follow the screen shots below to set up WebDav access to your home drive files and Z drive (departmental share).


mac screen shot



mac screen shot


mac screen shot

Last Updated: 6/26/15