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Remembering Dr. Lancelot Thompson



Dr. Lancelot C.A. Thompson joined The University of Toledo in 1958 as an assistant professor of chemistry and the first full-time black faculty member. He was promoted to associate professor in 1962 and was named assistant dean of the College of Arts and Sciences in 1964, the same year he received the University’s Outstanding Teacher Award.

In 1966, Dr. Thompson was appointed dean of student services, was promoted to professor in 1967, and was appointed the University’s first vice president for student affairs in 1968, the position he retired from in 1988 when he was named professor emeritus.

To inspire the next generation of college students, Dr. Thompson helped organize UT’s annual Aspiring Minorities Youth Conference, which continues to this day. The trailblazing professor continued to mentor UT students and student athletes throughout his life.




Dr. Lancelot Thompson Student Activity and Diversity Fund

Please join fellow alumni, faculty and staff in supporting the Dr. Lancelot Thompson Student Activities and Diversity Fund. This new fund, established in his memory, will carry  Dr. Thompson’s work forward by supporting student activities and diversity efforts.

Dr. Thompson’s legacy will forever reside in the hearts and minds of the students to whom he devoted his life. Your support will keep his memory alive for generations to come.

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Last Updated: 9/27/18