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Toledo Law Students at Orientation

Juris Doctor Program

Prepare for your future at Toledo Law. Our J.D. program can be tailored to meet a variety of professional goals and academic timetables with full- and part-time options. Start in January or August!

Full-Time Program

Our full-time J.D. program is both rigorous and comprehensive. The first year fosters a strong foundation in core legal subjects. Courses and concentrations in the second year and beyond provide opportunities for deep immersion in the theory and practice of law and the pursuit of sophisticated, high-demand specializations. Joint degree programs add new perspectives on complex problems.

Part-Time Program

Toledo Law's part-time program allows working professionals and others the opportunity to earn a J.D. at their own pace. Courses are available during the evening and day in fall and spring semesters and optional summer sessions. Part-time students typically take 8-10 credit hours a semester and complete their course of study in eight semesters.

For more than a century, Toledo Law has offered a part-time evening program catering to students employed during the day. Part-time evening students take a structured curriculum of required courses during their first two years and choose from a wide variety of upper-level courses after that time. Courses are available four evenings a week, typically beginning at 6 p.m. and ending at 9:30 p.m., but evening students often take late-afternoon and innovative weekend courses, too.

Some students prefer a flexible part-time day schedule. Students wishing to enroll in this program should consult with our associate dean for academic affairs to construct an appropriate course of study.

Two-Year J.D. Program for Lawyers Trained Outside of the United States

With our two-year J.D. program, highly qualified lawyers are eligible for up to 29 hours of advanced standing credit for law studies completed outside the U.S. As an international lawyer, you can earn a J.D. in two academic years rather than three. Unlike an LL.M., a J.D. degree from Toledo Law qualifies you to take the bar exam in every state in the U.S.

3+3 Program

Toledo Law was one of the first law schools in Ohio to launch a 3+3 accelerated degree program. 3+3 allows you to earn both a bachelor's degree and a law degree in just six years instead of the usual seven. Once you are ready to apply, ask an authorized representative from your undergraduate institution to complete our 3+3 Certification Form. Visit our partner institutions below to learn more.

Certificates of Concentration

Toledo Law offers certificates of concentration for J.D. students to pursue specialized study. By earning a certificate, you demonstrate to potential employers both genuine interest and higher-level knowledge in a particular field of law.

Joint Degrees

Toledo Law, in collaboration with other UToledo colleges, offers joint degree programs for you to earn two graduate degrees in an accelerated period of study, generally four years. You can select from the options below or customize your own degree program.

Last Updated: 2/18/20