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Part-Time Programs

Toledo Law’s part-time evening and day programs allow working professionals and others the opportunity to earn a Juris Doctor (JD) at their own pace. Courses are available during the evening and day in fall and spring semesters and optional summer sessions. Part-time students typically take 9-10 credit hours a semester and complete their course of study in four years.

Admission to the part-time program is rolling, and applicants may apply at any time with a bachelor’s degree and a valid Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score. Toledo Law offers a no-fee application process, and applications are accepted through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). For additional information about requirements for admission to Toledo Law, please review the Application Checklist for Entering Students. In addition, various scholarship opportunities are available to part-time students.


For more than a century, Toledo Law has offered a part-time evening program catering to students employed during the day. Part-time evening students take a structured curriculum of required courses during their first two years and choose from a wide variety of upper-level courses during Years Three and Four and summer sessions. Courses are available four evenings a week, typically beginning at 6 pm and ending at 9:30 pm. Evening students often take late afternoon courses, as well.

The anticipated schedule for the fall 2019 incoming evening class in Years One and Two is as follows:

Fall 2019        Spring 2020
Contracts I        Contracts II
Property-Fundamentals of Ownership        Property-Transactions and Land Use
Lawyering Skills I        Lawyering Skills II
Fall 2020        Spring 2021
Torts        Criminal Law
Civil Procedure: Practice and Pleading        Constitutional Law-Structure
Upper-Level Course     Upper-Level Course



Some students prefer a flexible part-time day schedule. Students wishing to enroll in this program should consult with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs to construct an appropriate course of study.

Last Updated: 2/4/20