College of Law


Toledo Law awards generous scholarships to both entering and upper-level students.

Entering Student Scholarships

Numerous merit and residency-based scholarships, ranging from several thousand dollars through full tuition, are available to entering students. Scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Committee based on information contained in the application for admission to the College of Law. Because entering student scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis, we encourage early application for priority consideration. Please contact the Law Admissions Office for more information.

College of Law Merit Scholarship

Merit-based awards provide full or partial tuition and fees for up to 89 credit hours and renew without condition as long as the student maintains a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Leadership & Service Stipend

One-time stipend for select applicants who show extraordinary leadership and promise. Stipend provides funding for miscellaneous law school-related expenses.

Michigan Resident Scholarship Guarantee

Scholarship covers the out-of-state surcharge for Michigan residents, allowing them to pay the equivalent of in-state tuition and fees.

Indiana Resident Scholarship Guarantee

Scholarship covers the out-of-state surcharge for Indiana residents, allowing them to pay the equivalent of in-state tuition and fees.

Monroe County, Michigan Reciprocity

Residents of Monroe County, Michigan are treated as Ohio residents for tuition purposes.

Upper-Level Student Scholarships

Many scholarships are available to upper-level students based on need and merit. Continuing students are encouraged to apply for upper-level scholarships, administered by the Law Financial Aid Office, during the spring semester each year. The Law Financial Aid Office can also help you identify additional funding opportunities and walk you through the application process.

Endowed Scholarships

Through the generosity of alumni and benefactors, numerous endowed scholarships are available. Scholarships are awarded by the College of Law Scholarship Committee. Awards vary in amount and duration.

Top 10 Award

Awards cover in-state tuition the second year of law school for students who enter Toledo Law without a College of Law Merit Scholarship, complete the first-year curriculum, and are ranked in the Top 10 of their class.

External Scholarships

Students must notify the Law Financial Aid Office if they are awarded an external scholarship or tuition assistance. To identify external scholarships, students may wish to take advantage of free, online search services below. Beware of any service that asks for money or credit card information before conducting the scholarship search.

Last Updated: 7/3/19