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Summer 2019 Aid Request

If you will need financial aid for your summer classes or summer work-study, complete the following checklist.

Checklist - Summer Financial Aid

  1. File your 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 
  2. Register for at least half-time (6 credit hours) in courses at the same level as your program to be eligible for aid.
  3. Once you are registered for half-time, complete the UT Summer Aid Application which will be posted on the MyUT Portal in April.
    • Log into the MyUT Portal.
    • Under the Student Tab > My Toolkit > My Financial Aid, click Summer Aid Application.
    • Complete and submit your Summer Aid Application.
  4. A summer aid package will be awarded when all three steps are complete.

Aid Eligibility

  • Financial Aid Academic Progress
    • To remain eligible for aid, students are responsible for class participation and achieving academic progress by completing all enrolled courses with passing grades. Course drops, withdrawals, and failed classes can cause a reduction in aid for the term and loss of future aid.
  • Disbursement on Attending Hours
    • Aid will disburse based on hours you are actually attending at the time eligibility for disbursement is reviewed. During the summer - sessions can start at different times throughout the summer. It is the date at which you are attending at least half-time hours that aid will disburse to your student account.
  • Understanding Summer Aid
    • Most aid programs do not increase in dollars to accommodate attending three terms during the academic year (summer, fall, spring). When using loans for summer, the Federal Direct (Stafford) Loan annual limit ($20,500) remains the same, but the loan will be divided into three equal payments (summer, fall, spring) rather than two equal payments for the standard academic year (fall, spring).  Law students may also have an opportunity to borrow GradPLUS Loan.  Students may borrow up to the total estimated annual cost of attendance (which increases due to summer enrollment costs) less any other financial aid/resources received to accommodate attending three terms during the academic year. Those who are not eligible for federal financial aid may find it necessary to borrow funds through alternative (private) loan sources.  For information about alternative loans, please visit the Alternative Loans page.
  • Why Would A Summer Aid Award Reduce Your Fall/Spring Refund
    • Summer loans are awarded early in the summer before new tuition/fee rates are available and before scholarships are awarded, and
    • Student invoices for summer are generally less than invoices for fall/spring (generally fewer credits are taken in summer than are taken in fall/spring), and
    • Loans are disbursed in equal payments for the year.

Therefore, a summer award may result in a larger refund for summer and smaller refunds for fall and spring.

After your summer/fall/spring loan is originated, you may submit a Stafford Loan Change Form to reduce the amount of the summer disbursement. Doing so may give you the option to request an increase to your fall and/or spring disbursement later in the academic year. Law students should submit the Loan Change Form to

If students do receive a large refund for summer, students should consider that some of those funds may be needed for fall and spring living expenses.

The University of Toledo communicates through your official UT email account. Please check your UT email account on a regular basis for important updates from the Financial Aid office.


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