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Franklyn R. Hawkins Advertising Portfolios, 1955-1972


Size: 2 linear ft (139 items)
Provenance: Franklyn R. Hawkins donated this collection to the Ward M. Canaday Center of the University of Toledo Libraries in 1984.

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This collection consists of advertisements produced by or for the Advertising Department of Libbey-Owens-Ford Company.  Besides its value as evidence of the work produced by this department, the collection has value as a source for the history of marketing at Libbey-Owens-Ford, for the glass industry in Toledo, and for the development of print advertising in general.


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(1909?)                        Born on a farm in Adams Township (now City of Toledo), Lucas County, Ohio.


1927                Graduated from Morrison R. Waite High School.


1927-1931       Student at The University of Toledo; on staff of Collegian.


1931                B. Ph., The University of Toledo.


1931-1935       Sports and city editor, Sturgis (MI) Daily Journal.


1935-1940       Assistant and associate editor, American Lumberman.


1940                Joined Libbey-Owens-Ford Company as writer.


1942                In Advertising Department, Libbey-Owens-Ford.


1945                Manager, Advertising Department, Libbey-Owens-Ford.


1957                Libbey-Owens-Ford began sponsorship of "Perry Mason” television show with great success.


1973                Retired.





Scope and Content


Throughout the period represented in this collection, the advertising Department of Libbey-Owens-Ford regularly issued packets containing reprints of advertisements which had recently appeared in publications. These packets, called "Advantages," were issued in ever-decreasing intervals; monthly in 1955, but quarterly by 1972.  Besides acting as a record of the Advertising Department's products, the packets' intended use was as informational and promotional material for the company's sales departments.


Each packet or portfolio typically contains fifteen or twenty different advertisements.  On each advertisement is a notice which lists the periodicals in which that advertisement appeared.  The design and text of each advertisement, was tailored towards particular market segments.  A packet from 1962, for example, contains advertisements aimed at architects, school boards, home builders, engineers. automotive glass dealers, retail hardware dealers, home owners, and the general public.  Other packets might have advertisements geared towards a more limited group of consumers -- dairy farmers and trailer dealers, for example, if those groups had been targeted for that period.


This collection, then, provides a good record of how the Libbey-Owens-Ford Company wanted the public to see its products and to whom the company wanted to sell them.  Since the format changed little from 1955 to 1972, comparison between packets can be made easily.  Students of marketing, advertising, and history will find this collection useful.





Folder List


Box      Folder              Description


1          1                     January-March, 1955

             2                     April-June, 1955

             3                     July-September, 1955

             4                     October-December, 1955

             5                     March-June, 1956

             6                     July-September, 1956

             7                     October-December, 1956


2          1                     January-April, 1957

             2                     May-June, 1957

             3                     July-September, 1957

             4                     October-November, 1957

             5                     January-March, 1958

             6                     April-June, 1958

             7                     July-November, 1958


3          1                     January-April, 1959

             2                     May-June, 1959

             3                     July-December, 1959

             4                     January-April, 1960

             5                     May-July, 1960

             6                     August-December, 1960

             7                     January-March, 1961

1                     April-July, 1961

             2                     August-December, 1961

             3                     January-April, 1962

             4                     May-September, 1962

             5                     October-December, 1962

             6                     January-May, 1963

             7                     July-December, 1963

1                     January-June, 1964

             2                     July-December, 1964

             3                     January-April, 1965

             4                     May-July, 1965

             5                     August-December, 1965

             6                     January-June, 1966

             7                     July-December, 1966

             8                     January-June, 1967


6          1                     July-December, 1967

             2                     January-May, 1968

             3                     July-December, 1968

             4                     March-June, 1969

             5                     July-December, 1969

             6                     January-December, 1970

             7                     January-December, 1971

             8                     January-December, 1972




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