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Scott High School Papers, 1944-1992



Size: 2 lin. ft.

Provenance:   The materials in this collection were donated to the Ward M. Canaday Center in 1994 by University of Toledo Associate Professor Emeritus, Sam R. Snyder, and Professor Emeritus, David Tavel, both of the College of Education; and Wilma Kudzia, former Scott High School teacher.

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Completed by: Judith M. Friebert, August 1994


Reformatted by: Arjun Sabharwal, May 2010         




Scott High School was Toledo's first high school, and later became a landmark institution in its concern for minority rights, particularly that of the Black population.  The history of the school is valuable as a research tool in that it delineates educational, social, and political events in a public school environment and in the community at large, and at the same time reflects similar trends across the country.  The time period of the materials is 1944-1992.


Scope and Content

The collection is divided into two major sections.  The first part consists of the materials of University of Toledo Professor Emeritus, David Tavel, and Associate Professor Emeritus, Sam R. Snyder, both of the College of Education.  The bulk of this section relates to their book on the history of the school, To Learning's Fount.  Included are Snyder's correspondence; two copies of To Learning's Fount; a research paper by Sam R. Snyder; handwritten and/or typescript interviews with Dr. David Glassman (former student and faculty member of the school), Mr. Flute Rice (former principal of the high school during its critical time of turnover to a Black high school, 1968-1975) Mr. John Richardson (faculty member from 1967-1972), and Frank Dick (former Toledo Public Schools Superintendent).  Also included are Lucas County and Toledo Public Schools publications, containing maps, a school directory, course descriptions, and census statistics; a cassette tape containing an interview with Watson Welever, a former student; and the authors' research materials for To Learning's Fount, consisting of index cards with notations from the Scottonian, Blade microfilms, and other sources, along with statistical reports.  These index cards are in no apparent order. 

The second section of the collection consists of notes and clippings of Wilma Kudzia, former teacher at the school, school scrapbooks spanning the years 1944-1965; Hall of Fame publications and clippings; two Student Council scrapbooks; and two PTA scrapbooks.  There are also some miscellaneous clippings that extend into the 1980s.

Box and Folder List

Box        Folder     Series     
                              Sam R. Snyder - David Tavel Research Materials
               1                               Correspondence, 1989-1992
               2                               To Learning's Fount, bound copy, 1992
               3                               To Learning's Fount, proof copy, 1992
               4                               Research paper by Sam R. Snyder, "Occupational Mobility in Graduates and Non-graduates of an Urban High
                                                 School, 1915-1925" [n.d.]
               5                               Interviews: Frank Dick (1991), David Glassman
                                                (1992), Flute Rice (1987), John Richardson (1987)
               6                               Lucas County publications
               7                               Toledo Public School publications
               8                               Watson Welever interview (audio tape)  [n.d.]
               9                               Index Cards [n.d.]  1 of 3
               10                            Index Cards [n.d.]  2 of 3
               11                             Index Cards [n.d.]  3 of 33

                              Wilma Kudzia Papers
               12                             Clippings and correspondence 1945-?
                                                Scott High School scrapbooks
               13                             1944-45
               14                             1954-55
               15                             1959-60   1 of 3
               16                             1959-60   2 of 3
               17                             1959-60   3 of 3
               18                             1960-61   1 of 2
               19                             1960-61   2 of 2
 2            1                               1961-62  
               2                               1962-63   1 of 2
               3                               1962-63   2 of 2
               4                               1963-64   1 of 2
               5                               1963-64   2 of 2
               6                               1964-65   1 of 2
               7                               1964-65   2 of 2
               8                               Hall of Fame papers & clippings  1981-87
                              Student Council scrapbooks
               9                               1946-49
               10                             1953-54

                              PTA scrapbooks
               11                             1950-63
               12                             1963-65
               13                             PTA [miscellaneous]  1963-?
            14                    Clippings [miscellaneous]  1959-1






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