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The National Federation Of Business And Professional Women's Clubs, Inc.

Monroe - Central Business And Professional Women's Club Toledo, Ohio, Records, 1954-1993


Size: 2.7 linear feet

Provenance: Monroe Central Business and Professional Women’s Club, through past President Sally Yeager, donated its records to the Ward M. Canaday Center in 1994.


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Completed by:  Jennifer Kahn Mandell, May 1996


Reformatted by: Arjun Sabharwal, May 2010




The Monroe Central Business and Professional Women’s Club was founded February 10, 1954. The group was one of many such organizations throughout the United States and internationally, providing fellowship and support to working women.


While many local, regional, state, national and international clubs continue to be active today, the Monroe Central BPW Club was absorbed by the Sylvania BPW Club in 1993.


The national group (BPW USA) formed in 1919, and the Ohio State BPW group was formed in 1920. The foremost purpose of BPW is to further the cause of working women.


There are no restrictions on the use of, or access to, this collection.


Organizational History


    1954         Monroe Central Business and Professional Women’s Club founded.


    1955         A scholarship fund of $100 was approved. A Whitney Vocational High

                     School Student received the scholarship the first year.


    1957        The club sponsored its first student nurse, assisting with her tuition.


    1981        The club had an internal crisis over the issue of  racial discrimination. A  

                    Monroe Central member presented two co-workers from Ohio Bell for

                    Consideration; both were black. Some MCBPW members objected, setting

                    off a conflict within the group that resulted in the resignation of one of the

                    officers and a decline in new members which haunted the group until its

                    dissolution in 1993.


     1993       Monroe Central Business and Professional Women’s Club was dissolved; the

                   remaining MCBPW members joined the Sylvania Business and Professional

                   Women’s Club.

Scope and Content


The collection is arranged in seven series.


Series one contains the records of the Monroe Central BPW Club, including information on the organization’s history, meetings, activities, and newsletters.


Series two consists of Ohio Region 2  BPW meetings and publications.


Series three contains a sampling of materials from other BPW clubs in Ohio Region 2.


Series four consists of Ohio State BPW correspondence, publications, and events.


Series five contains national (BPW USA) publications and materials.


Series six is Individual Development Program (IDP) information and materials. IDP

is one of the basic member benefits through BPW, providing skills training in areas that are of importance to career success.


Series seven contains the contents of the scrapbooks that Monroe Central BPW maintained.


Box-Folder Inventory


 Box         Folder

                           Monroe-Central Business and Professional Women’s Club    

1              1               Charter information, annual reports, rosters

                2               By-laws and revisions

                3               Regular Meeting Minutes

                                      Sept. 1979-Oct. 1980

                                      Oct 1985 - April 1993

                4               Board Meeting Minutes

                                      Sept. 1979 - May 1981

                                      Sept. 1985 - April 1993

                 5              Correspondence

                                      Sept. 1979 - June 1981

                                      Jan. 1988 - March 1993

                 6               Financial Records

                 7               News & Views newsletter

                                       Sept. 1979 - Nov 1980

                                       Jan 1981 - April 1993


                  8               Special Events Programs

                                       Cassette recording of speech by Sandy Isenberg on 2/20/90

                  9               Woman of the Year

                                        MCBPW candidates

                 10               BPW sponsored scholarships- local recipients

                 11               Monroe Central BPW awards


                             Region 2 BPW       

                  12             Region 2 Correspondence

                  13             “Issues & Updates” BPW OH Region 2 Newsletter

                  14             Region 2 Rosters

                  15             Region 2 Correspondence

                  16             Anthony Wayne BPW Club

                  17             Bellevue BPW Club

                  18             Bowling Green BPW Club

                  19             Clyde BPW Club

                  20              Fallen Timbers BPW Club

                  21              Findlay BPW Club

                  22              Fostoria BPW Club

                  23              Ft Meigs BPW Club

                  24              Genoa BPW Club

                  25              Key to the Sea BPW Club

                  26              Maumee BPW Club

                  27              Oregon BPW  Club

                  28              Sylvania BPW Club 

1                 29             Tallmadge BPW  Club

                   30             Tiffin BPW Club

                   31             Toledo BPW Club

                   32             Trilby BPW Club

                   33             Westhaven BPW Club


                               OHIO BPW

                   34             Ohio BPW History, Rosters

                   35             Ohio BPW Correspondence

                   36             Ohio BPW Special Events

                   37             Ohio BPW Publications

                   38             “From Inside BPW/ Ohio” newsletter


                   39             “Ohio Business Woman” newspaper

                                            1987 - 1993

                   40             “Forecasts”  Ohio BPW Newsletter

                                            1979 - 1980

                   41             “Action Lines” newsletter

                   42             Indiana BPW


                               BPW  USA  

                   43              History

                   44              Recruitment

                   45              BPW  Foundation

                   46              Legislative efforts

                   47              Outreach and service projects

                   48              Young Careerist Program

                   49              USA  Publications

                   50              “National Business Woman”, professional journal                                                                        

                   51               BPW International


2 *              1                 BPW Books


                                 Individual Development Program (IDP)

                   2                 IDP General information/ overview

                   3                 IDP participant self assessment tools

                   4                 IDP session records (MCBPW sessions)

                   5                 IDP Class Manual

                   6                 IDP Career Selection Module

                   7                 IDP Color & Personality Module


                              note: * location of box 2: Range 4


                   8                 IDP Communication Skills Module

                   9                 IDP Leadership Module

                 10                 IDP  Management Skills Module

                 11                 IDP  Parliamentary Procedure Module

                 12                 IDP  Public Speaking Module


3                                    MCBPW Scrapbook contents


4   **                             MCBPW Scrapbook contents





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