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Casey Jones Papers, 1970-1994



Size: 1 linear ft.

Provenance: Casey Jones donated his papers to The Ward M. Canaday Center in April, 1995.


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Completed by: Angela E. Clevenger, February 1996


Reformatted by: Arjun Sabharwal, February 2010.



          Casey C. Jones served as an Ohio State Representative (Democrat) from November 1969 to November 1995.  While in office, he was a member of numerous committees; Financial Institution, Finance Appropriations, Reference, Rules, Mileage, Public; Improvement, Personnel, Select Committee to Study the Effects of Federal Cutbacks; on the Local Government, and Civilian Conservation Advisory Council.  He was also Chairman of the Local Government Committee.  Jones is a staunch supporter of minorities and minority issues.  This is emphasized by his membership in the Black Elected Democrats of Ohio and the Frederick Douglas Community Center NAACP. Prior to his position in the Ohio House of Representatives, Jones was employed in various service-oriented positions as well as professional sports (basketball and softball).


             His papers consist of various correspondence and legislative materials concerning his committees and bills in progress.  There are also press releases, speeches and other documents concerning his political office.


             There are no restrictions on this collection.



     1915, July 15.  Born in Paducah, Kentucky, son of Clarence Jones and Boydie 

                             Brandon, Jr.


     ?? Graduate, Scott High School, Toledo.


     ??  B.A. (Business Administration), Knoxville College.


     1936  Married Lovell Barber; have five sons, one step-son, and four daughters.


     1937-1939  Attended Toledo University.



     1949-1965  Inspector:  Lucas County Sanitary Engineering Department, Ohio.


     1960-1965  General Program Secretary YMCA.


     1965-1966  Personnel Director, Lucas County.


     1966-1968  Pupil Personnel Director, Miami Children’s Center


     1969-1973  Ohio State Representative, District 78.


     1973-1992  Ohio State Representative, District 45.


     1976 & 1980  Delegate for Democratic National Convention.


     1981-1982  Chairman Interstate Corp. Committee.


     1987  Appointment to Civilian Conservation Advisory Council.


     1988  Member-at-large Ohio Democratic State Committee.


     1992-1995  Ohio State Representative, District 49.


     1995  Real Estate Salesman, owns Casey Jones Insurance Agency.


     1995  Member of  Advisory Council of Urban Affairs.




Scope and Content Note


The material in this collection consists mostly of correspondence concerning legislation and personal issues between Casey Jones and his constituents when he was an Ohio State Representative between (1969- 1995).  There are also copies of actual legislation, speeches, newspaper clippings and committee papers Jones was working on at the time.


        The Casey Jones Papers are divided up into fourteen series:


                            a) Correspondence

                            b) Press Releases

                            c) Speeches

                            d) Commendations

                            e) Clippings

                            f) Committees

                            g) Governor Richard Celeste

                            h) Ohio Environmental Protection Agency

                            i) Minority Issues

                            j) House Bills

                            k) House Resolution 42

                            l) Amendment to Senate Bill 223

                            m) Personal File

                            n) Miscellaneous


     The first series, Correspondence, consists of seven files.  The first concerns Batus, Inc.,

a tobacco company in Louisville, Kentucky whose integrity was questioned concerning

the purchase of the Farmer’s Insurance Group, Inc.  The second file, Constituent Assistance, contains a series of letters from constituents asking Casey Jones to address some personal problems they have.  File three contains letters in support of or against various House bills from constituents or local businesses.  The fourth file contains invitations sent to Casey Jones asking him to attend an array of functions.  File five consists of letters of  recommendation for individuals that range from government committee seats to Ebony’s “Outstanding Individual Under the Age of Thirty” award.  The sixth file contains letters sent between Jones and other members of the Ohio House of Representatives.  The last file in this series contains general correspondence from businesses, constituents, and friends covering a variety of topics.


     The second series is simply press releases issued by Casey Jones concerning his point-of-view on an issue, or general facts about legislation that had been passed, some actually

have a copy of the news article attached.


     The third series is on speeches.  Most of the speeches are for the House meetings, but there are also some concerning Jones’s campaign.  Others are addressed to local business



     Commendations is the fourth series which is a tribute to people in Jones’s district on anniversaries, and those receiving awards or special honors.  Some have newspaper articles attached.


     The fifth series is a gathering of clippings that are about Casey Jones.  Most include pictures of Casey Jones and several also show his wife.


     The sixth series contains three files.  One is material regarding the House Select   Committee on Tax Cutbacks.  Another is concerning a Local Government Committee which contains announcements, committee notes and minutes from the meetings.  The last

file is on the Select Committee on Education.  This one also contains notes and



     Series seven is on Governor Richard Celeste.  The exact purpose of this file is unclear;

it contains two state of the state addresses and a letter to the Governor from a member of

the Committee to Reform the Deputy Registrar System.


     The eighth series contains waste removal policies, program outlines and fiscal budget information concerning the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.


     The ninth series is for Minority Issues.  It contains job placement information for minorities and, among other things, a directory for the Black Elected Democrats of Ohio.


     The tenth series contains eight files, each on a different House bill.  Most of the files contain an actual copy of the proposed bill and researched information done by committees for the bill.


     The eleventh series concerns House Resolution 42.  An actual copy is included along with newspaper articles about railroad crossing accidents.


     The twelfth series is an amendment to Senate bill 223 on overland truck regulations.  A copy of the amendment is included along with background information.


     Series thirteen is the personal file of Casey Jones.  It contains a resume, lists of legislation he has worked on, declaration of candidacy papers, and a copy of the Lucas

County Oath of Office.


     The last series contains miscellaneous items like tickets to a dinner, random statistics,

and articles of interest to Casey Jones.


Folder List

Box     Folder             Series  Item

    1                             Correspondence

                1                             Batus Inc. (1988)

                2                             Constituent Assistance (1989-1992)

                3                             House Bills (1987-1988)

                4                             Invitations (1989)

                5                             Letters of Recommendation (1987-1993)

                6                             Ohio House of Representatives (1988-1989)

                7                             General (1987-1990)

                8                  Press Releases (1986-1990)

                9                  Speeches (1970-1990)  

               10                 Commendations (1987-1989)

               11                 Clippings (1986-1991)


               12                             House Select Committee on Tax Cutbacks (1986-1887)

               13                             Local Government Committees (1989-1994)

               14                             Select Committee on Education (1987)

               15                  Governor Richard Celeste (1984-1987)

               16                  Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (1987-1988)

               17                  Minority Issues (1989-1991)

                                     House Bills

               18                              H. B. 23:  Railroad Crossing Safety (1991)

               19                              H. B. 171:  Funding for State Educational Programs     


               20                              H. B. 278:  Central State Water Drought (1988-1989)

               21                              H. B. 284:  Greyhound Racing (1991-1992)

               22                              H. B. 293:  Transfer of General Funding Money (1988)

               23                              H. B. 416:  Nursing Home Inspection (1989-1990)

               24                              H. B. 564:  Fee Increase by Court of Common Pleas


               25                              H. B. 715:  Legislative Budget (1994)

               26                  House Resolution 42:  Task Force on R.R. Crossings (1991-1992)

               27                  Amendment to S. B. 223:  Overland Truck Regulations


               28                  Personal File (1982-1991)

               29                  Miscellaneous (1986-1992) 



Casey Jones donated his papers to The Ward M. Canaday Center in April 1995.

                   There are no restrictions on the use of the collection; the copyrights are assumed to rest with the persons responsible for the production of the items within the collection or with their heirs or assigns.  Researchers bear full legal responsibility for the acquisition of necessary permission to publish, though the Canaday Center may intervene in this process at its own discretion.          



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