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Dennis Soldner Collection

Photographs (Reproductions), 1900



Size: 3 in.

Provenance:  Dennis Soldner’s photograph collection was donated to the University of Toledo Libraries by Dennis Soldner in January 1996. 


Access: open


Copyright: The literary rights to this collection are assumed to rest with the person(s) responsible for the production of the particular items within the collection, or with their heirs or assigns.  Researchers bear full legal responsibility for the acquisition to publish from any part of said collection per Title 17, United States Code.  The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections may reserve the right to intervene as intermediary at its own discretion.


Completed by: Jennifer K. Myers, February 1996

Reformatted by: Arjun Sabharwal, July 2010




The Dennis Soldner Collection consists of 73 photo reproductions and negatives (from his originals).


            The photographs were acquired by Mr. Soldner and are a record of an unknown individual’s trip through various U.S. cities in the year 1900.  Some of the areas represented in the collection are: Coney Island, NY; Brooklyn, NY; Gettysburg, PA; Lebanon, PA; Johnstown, PA; Mt. Gretna, PA; East Toledo, OH; Cleveland, OH; Archbold, OH; Canton, OH; and some unidentified areas.


Container List


Box     Folder             Description


1          1                      Photographs (1900) - Ohio


                                                “A Family Gathering”


                                                “A Jovial Group”


                                                “Among the Hills”


                                                Rustic Bridge, Water Works Park

                                                Rustic Woodland Bridge, Westlawn Cemetery

                                                “Fountain,” Water Works Park

                                                An Every Day Scene, Water Works Park

                                                “Waterfalls”, West Lawn Cemetery


                                                Cathedral and Bishop Horstman’s Residence

                                                “Bird’s Eye”

                                                A Hill Side and Valley, Wade Park

                                                The “Gorge,” Wade Park

                                    East Toledo

                                                No. 5. Engine

                                                Two Midgets


                                    Northwestern Ohio

                                                “A Rural Scene”


                                                Title unknown (three women by a house).


             2                     Photographs (1900) - New York


                                                “Rose Garden,” Prospect Park

                                                A “Smiling Nun”

                                                “Family Group”

                                                Triumphant Arch, Prospect Park

                                                “Family Group”

                                    Coney Island

                                                A Yachting Party

                                                Bathing House and Beach

                                                The “Surf”

                                                Beach near New Brighton

                                                New Iron Pier and Bathing Beach


                                                Ft. Wadsworth

                                                Bicycle Path

                                                “Long Island Sound” Steamer


            3                      Photographs (1900) - Pennsylvania


                                                “Cemetery Hill”

                                                “The Bloody Angle”

                                                Gettysburg, PA.

                                                “Devil’s Den”

                                                View in “National Cemetery”


                                                “Conemough Valley”


                                                Presbyterian House of Worship

                                                Interior of St. Mary’s Catholic Church.

                                                Entrance to the home of...monied men

                                                “Noon Hour” (handkerchief factory)

                                                Lebanon Lodge P.O.S. of A. parade

                                                Partial view of P.O.S. of A. parade

                                                View of Cumberland

                                                P.O.S. of A. parade

                                                One of the richest iron mines

                                                Academy of Music (parade)

                                                Fire Department in parade

                                                Monument (Union)

                                                Famous Iron Mine

                                                Early Dwellings


                                                Presbyterian Chapel

                                                Fire Engine on trial

                                                “Cinder Bank”

                                    Mt. Gretna

                                                Marching to position

                                                Commanders Quarters

                                                General Miles, Governor Stone


                                                A furnace


            4                      Photographs (1900) - Miscellaneous/Unknown

                                                Just returning from apple orchard raid

                                                “An Old House”

                                                An Abandoned Lime Quarry.

                                                A Little Stone Schoolhouse

                                                A “Lime Kiln”

                                                An abandoned “Lime Stone” quarry

                                                Title unknown (view from a hilltop)

                                                Untitled (people seated by railroad tracks)

                                                A Rustic Woodland Scene

                                                No. 5. Hook and Ladder

                                                “In Evening Prayer”

                                                A wagonway

                                                Ft. Hamilton


            5                      Negatives



This collection is located in range 4




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