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Historical Sketch


            These oral history interviews were recorded by Mary Pachin and Debra Marinski, graduate students in the University of Toledo Department of History, as part of a project sponsored by Toledo's Attic.  Toledo's Attic is a virtual museum administered by the Toledo/Lucas County Maumee Valley Historical Society.  Dr. Timothy Messer-Kruse serves as the webmaster for Toledo's Attic.


Folder List

Dohler-Jarvis Employees

 01  Loeffel, Howard, J. 
Interviewer: D. Marinski
Mr. Loeffel speaks about his career as a design engineer at Koehler-Jarvis, but he does not state the length of his employment at the company.  He was heavily involved with innovations and improvements to many automobile components and prototypes for the automobile industry.  He speaks about die-castings for sports equipment and other industries.  He also discusses the impact Japanese auto makers had on the automobile industry.

02  Long, Phillip  1959-1983
Interviewer: D. Marinski
Mr. Long speaks about his career as an industrial engineer involved in problem solving for Koehler-Jarvis, a Toledo based international corporation.  He says he felt there was no discrimination in the work force at Koehler-Jarvis.   He also focuses on the impact Japanese auto makers had on the automobile industry in the United States.

03  Reisbach, Richard  1950-1978
Interviewer: D. Marinski
Mr. Reisbach recounts his pleasure while working for Koehler-Jarvis for 28 years as an industrial engineer.  His expertise was in problem solving.  He, also, talks about the status of minorities and women in the workplace at Koehler-Jarvis.  His thoughts on the problems between Koehler-Jarvis and National Lead are recorded herein.  Koehler-Jarvis, an international corporation held contracts with a wide variety of industries, including automobile parts, floating floors and Toledo Scale products.

Toledo Mayors

04  Damas, Michael  1959-1961
Interviewer: Jim Marshall
Interview is an account of Mr. Damas' early life in Toledo's "Northend", his schooling and military service during WWII.  His political career began after he decided to be a champion for civil rights, and began at the State Legislature level.  Mr. Damas' participation in the Toledo labor movement, his involvement in the establishing Medical College of Ohio, and his help in expanding the University of Toledo are covered in this interview.

05  Kessler, Harry   1965-1971
Interviewer:  Jim Marshall
Interview covers Mr. Kessler's formative schooling, his early business career and political career.   His political career began in 1961.  This career would cover 40 years of public service in many different capacities by Mr. Kessler.  He is still involved in service benefiting Toledo--the city he loves.

Toledo Scale Employees

06Callahan, Kate   1955-1985
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Ms. Callahan recounts her experiences while working at Toledo Scale in the payroll and accounts payable departments.  She speaks about the social activities Toledo Scale employees enjoyed.  And she addresses the positive treatment women employees received while working for Toledo Scale.

07Callahan, Mary Lou   1956-1970's
Interviewer:  D. Marinski
Ms. Calahan talks in detail about her career as a secretary at Toledo Scale.  She worked in several departments for the international corporation.  She mentions working conditions and social activities during her career.  When questioned about hiring minorities and women, she offers very little information.

08Deain, Bessie   1943-1970's
Interviewer: D. Marinski
Ms. Deain's career as a secretary at Toledo Scale allowed her to work in many departments at Toledo Scale.  She talks about the woman's organization, Tolesco, at Toledo Scale, as well as other company sponsored social events.  She points out the differences in Toledo Scale and Reliance Electric as employers.

09Dille, Tom  1956-1984
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Dille covers his career from mailroom clerk to assembler of scales, and he recalls names of his supervisors in all departments.  He expands on the 1968 strike and his role as a union steward while employed at Toledo Scale.

10Dowling, Laura  1942-1984
Interviewer:  D. Marciniak
Ms. Dowling, a 42 year employee of Toledo Scale, recounts how she was denied a position because "you wear a skirt".  She discusses the social activities as well as changes in the company when Reliance Electric purchased Toledo Scale.

11Fuller, Ted  1945-1956
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Fuller, a draftsman, mentions the qualifications for his job and the reasons for his seeking employment at Toledo Scale.  He also mentions the 1954 strike and the reasons for the employees calling the strike.

12Hartman, Jeanne  1968-1982?
Interviewer:  D. Marinski
Ms. Hartman recounts her clerical career in export, customer orders and accounting departments at Toledo Scale.  She speaks about "good times" while an employee of the corporation.  She expands on the "service" projects the employees undertook.
13 Hibscher, Carl  1950-1970
Interviewer:  D. Marinski
Mr. Hibscher talks about his career as a draftsman, engineer and in product design at Toledo Scale.  He expands on the differences of business styles between Toledo Scale and Reliance Electric.  He speaks about a "National Champion" Toledo Scale baseball team.

14Hubbel, Jacob  1950-1978
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Hubbel recounts his employment and his rise through the labor ranks from mechanical engineer to marketing while at Toledo Scale.  He reiterates his satisfaction with his employer in the role of "troubleshooter" for the company and its products.

15Musgrave, Austin  1951-1984
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Musgrave gives an account of his career as an engineer and designer at Toledo Scale.  He names all types of scales he helped design and develop.  He relates pertinent information about the labor strike of 1954 at Toledo Scale.

16Napp, Charles  1946-1982
Interviewer: Mary Patchen
Mr. Napp, a clerk, custom product sales division and advertising department employee, spent 36 years at Toledo Scale. He comments on company policies during his career with his employer.  Mr. Napp expands on what his duties were with the various dealings with customers.  He comments on the differences in Toledo Scale and Reliance Electric.

17Pelton, Jay  1943-1975
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Pelton, a 32 year employee of Toledo Scale, made his career in design and modification of scale models.  Mr. Pelton was instrumental in designing facilities for rocket fuel containers as a design engineer.

18Quertinmont, Ed  1937-1983
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Quertinmont's 46 year career at Toledo Scale started as a mail boy.  He went into sales, marketing and finally, product development.  He was instrumental in introducing the universal product code (UPC) being printed on products as they are weighed and wrapped at scales. He gives detailed reasons for the move of the corporation from Toledo to Columbus by Reliance Electric.

19Quertinmont, Thomas   1963-1999
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Quertinmont elaborates on his career as a mechanic, sales engineer, and his application engineering for electronic scales as well as marketing such products, while employed at Toledo Scale and Reliance Electric.  He recounts the firm’s entry into the electronic chip use in manufacturing scales.  He also expands on positive marketing practices by the corporation.

20Quigley, Bernard  1946-1976
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Interview touches on activities and practices while Mr. Quigley managed the personnel department during his career at Toledo Scale and Reliance Electric.

21Rejent, Robert  1952-1993
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Rejent talks about his career as a custom engineer, design engineer and service engineer while at Toledo Scale.  He also gives an account of the different staff makeup of the work force at Reliance Electric in Columbus, especially with regard to women.  He commented on the social activities sponsored by the corporation.

22Siler, Barb  1966-1984
Interviewer:  D. Marinski
Ms. Siler speaks about his career as a key-punch and computer operator as a data entry clerk in payroll at Toledo Scale.  She talks about Tolesco and its social and volunteer activities, and the Quarter Century Club for employees with 25 years employment at Toledo Scale.  The role of women in the company is discussed, as is Toledo Scales sale to Reliance Electric with the subsequent upheaval in the Toledo office.

23Smith, William  1939-1982
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Smith tells the highlights of his career, which began on the assembly line and going to assembly methods engineer for the corporation, Toledo Scale.  He talks about the role minorities and women held in the company.  He also addresses the many contracts held by Toledo Scale as an international corporation, and as a local corporation, also.  He reminisces about the upheaval in Toledo when Toledo Scale was sold to Reliance Electric.

24Soldner, Phyllis  i963-1978
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Ms. Soldner was employed as a "varitypist"--she made master copies for printing catalogs and sales manuals.  Her career covered being a union steward at the plant.  She expands on  women's employment in different departments at Toledo Scale.

25Stamm, Grace  1947-1987
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Ms. Stamm speaks about the many occurrences during her career as a typist in the Business office at Toledo Scale.  She comments on the first time a woman wore trousers to work at the office.  She comments about the Quarter Century Club and its many service dinners.

26Swartzlander, David  1947-1987
Interviewer:  D. Marinski
A 40 year employee at Toledo Scale, Mr. Swartzlander tells about his career, beginning as a parts inspector and advancing to marketing supervisor.  Finally, he was an expediter for the company.  He was involved in special orders innovation.  He explains the different ways scales were used in industry.  He talks about his role as "Santa Claus" at various celebrations over the years at the company.

27Terry, Robert  1962-1976
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Terry speaks about his career in advertising and retail marketing at Toledo Scale.  He gives a short account of the violence connected to the 1968 strike.  He tells the story about the "Electronic Candy Scale" presentation to Sears.  He relates some of the ways Toledo Scale modernized their plants.

28Wobser, Jay  1947-1979
Interviewer:  D. Marinski
An engineer, Mr. Wobser recalls his career at Toledo Scale.  He began as a draftsman, design, developmental and finally, a research engineer.  He recounts the many changes in scale design and size, as well as the technology factors in producing scales.  Mr. Wobser talks about different types of unions representing employees and gives a lengthy explanation of issues surrounding the 1968 strike.

29Wolf, John  1937-1976
Interviewer:  Mary Patchen
Mr. Wolf talks about his career, beginning as a punch press operator to becoming a supervisor at Toledo Scale.  He mentions both the 1954 and the 1968 strikes.  He speaks about the role Dick Gosser played in the union at Toledo Scale Mr. Wolf was instrumental in starting the Quarter Century Club at Toledo Scale.

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