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James Harrington Boyd Papers, 1911 to 1912


Size: .25 linear feet

Provenance: James Harrington Boyd, Professor of Mathematics, 1944

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Historical/Biographical Sketch

James Harrington Boyd is most known for his work on publishing and creating the Ohio Workmen’s Compensation Law. He was appointed as chairman of the Employer’s Liability Commission of Ohio in 1910, and published the State Liability Board of Awards, which became a law in 1911. Boyd also published several other works on compensation.

Born in Keene, Ohio on December 7th, 1862, Boyd received mostly a district and village education in the town near his parent’s farm. After teaching at the local school for a year, he attended college at Wooster University from 1881-1883. He then attended Princeton and received his Bachelor of the Arts Degree in 1886. From 1886 to 1887, he held a mathematics fellowship at Princeton. He received his Master of the Arts Degree in 1888 and went on to become a mathematics professor at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. From there, he taught abroad, teaching physics at the University of Gottingen, Germany. In 1892, he received a degree of Doctor of Science from Princeton.

His career as an instructor developed yet again when Boyd began tutoring mathematics at the University of Chicago in 1893 to 1895. By 1895, he was promoted to an instructor of mathematics, and held that position until 1902. From 1902-1903, he entered Harvard Law School and studied to earn a position on the Toledo Bar in 1904.

Boyd represented the Ohio Bar Association at the annual convention of the American Bar Association in 1907. After that appearance, Boyd became well known in this field. In the years 1911-1913, he appeared at several other conferences appealing his bills for worker’s compensation and general employee laws. He wrote not only codes, but also mathematical textbooks, legal papers, and several books on the concept of employee compensation. James Harrington Boyd died in 1946.

Scope and Content Note

The collection contains information on the General Assemblies of the Employer’s Liability Commission of Ohio in 1911 and 1913. Included are various sources of information on these events. Items of note are original manuscripts and notes gathered by Boyd while writing the bills that appeared at the assembly. Also included is correspondence between Boyd and other members of the Commission.

The material is arranged alphabetically by subject matter. Noticeably, the collection is clipped together in various places- this is in accordance to places in which Boyd had pinned or stapled materials together. Also, the multiple copies of the bills were included together if they featured differing notes and annotations.


Folder List



Item Description



79th General Assembly, 1911- Annotated Drafts of Bills with no numbers



79th General Assembly, 1911- Bill- Amended H.B. No. 271



79th General Assembly, 1911- Bill- H.B. No. 282



79th General Assembly, 1911- Bill- Re-Amended H.B. No. 127 (2)



79th General Assembly, 1911- Bill- Substitute H.B. No. 282



80th General Assembly, 1913- Bill- Amended and Re-Amended S.B. 48



Annotated Copy of Employee Compensation Code, 1911



Correspondence- Draft of Bill S.B. No. 127 for 1911 General Assembly



Correspondence- Draft of Workmen’s Compensation 1911



Correspondence- Employer’s Liability & Workmen’s Compensation Commission and information 1911



Correspondence- Miscellaneous



Notes on Conclusion of Commission with copy of Re-Amended S.B. No. 127



Original Manuscript of the Employee Compensation Code



Various drafts, notes, and pieces of Bills by Boyd



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