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University Archives collections are grouped by their creator: college, office or department, or student organization. They are further divided by the type of record within the collection, such as financial records. To see the inventories of collections that are currently open for research, click on the titles of the offices or organizations below that interest you. Some titles reflect earlier iterations of the college, office or department, as well as programs that are now defunct.

 Note that University Archives collection inventories are routinely added to the website. If you don’t see what you’re looking for now, please check back!  

Collection inventories 


Academic Affairs, Office of
            Academic Advisory Council Files, 1982-1988
            Academic Program Review Files, 1992-1993
            Administrative Files, 1960-1998
            Assistant VP Files, 1971-1973
            Council of Academic Deans Files, 1965-1980
            New Program Files, 1960-1988
            North Central Associations Accreditation Files, 1989-1991
            Nursing Program Files, 1968-1979

Administrative Affairs, Office of
            Assistant VP for Facilities Files, 1992-1997
            VP – Administrative Files, 1970-2007

Admissions, Office of
            Coordinator of Publications Files, 1977-1996
            Director of Enrollment Management Files, 1972-2006
            Enrollment Management System Reports, 1998-2004

Adult & Lifelong Learning, College of
            Dean’s Files, 1909-2015

Allied Health, School of
            Faculty Handbooks, 1991-2008

Alumni & Development, Office of
            Alumni Association Annual Reports, 1958-1972
            General Files, 1950-1985
            Photographs, 1958-1986

Alumni Relations, Office of
            Administrative Files, 1960-2000
            Class of 1951 Memorabilia, 1950-2001
            Commencement Negatives, 1996-1997
            Newspaper Clippings, 1930-1973
            Outstanding Teacher Award Recipient Files, 1959-1984

American Federation of Teachers
            Collective Bargaining Files, 1965-1981

Area Health Education Centers
            Administrative Files, 1970-2008

Army Training Program
            Subject Files, 1953-1966

Arts & Sciences, College of
            Administrative Files, 1947-1971
            Annual Reports, 1948-1989
            Arts & Sciences Council Files, 1969-2017
            Psychology Clinic Files, 1985-2011

Athletics, Department of
           Athletic Director Files, 1968-1987


Board of Trustees
           Committee Minutes, 1967-2002


Community and Technical College

             Administrative Files, 1955-1999


Dean of Women
           Housing Files, 1952-1975

Disability Studies Program
           Administrative Files, 2000-2004


Early Administrative Documents, 1840-1934

Education (Judith Herb), College of
           Teacher Education Accreditation Files, 1960-1964


Faculty Senate
            Chair Files, 2001-2012

Finance, Office of 
              Financial Reports, 1917-2006



Health Science Campus/Medical College of Ohio Collections
             Graduate Studies Files, 1975-2006

History, Department of 
              Labor History Archives, 1933-1967

Honors, College of 

               Honors Program - Administrative Files, 1958-1979


International Studies, Center for
             Director's Files, 1982-1999




Legal Affairs, Office of
            Rescinded/Superseded University Policies


Music, Department of
            Band Director Files, 1971-1991

            Musical Performance Programs, 1966-2012
            Performance Recordings, 1964-2012
            Scrapbooks and Photographs, 1967-1980s


Nursing, College of

            Dean's Files, 1974-2005



President, Office of
             William S. Carlson Records, 1954-1972

Provost, Office of
     Higher Learning Accreditation Commission Files, 1998-2012




Strategic Planning Committee Files, 1981-2013

Student Affairs, Division of
             Dean of Students Files, 1970-2006

Student Disability Services, Office of
            Annual Reports, 1989-1993

Student Union Board

             Programming Files, 1960-1996


Theater and Film, Department of 

             Play Files, 1965-2015

Toledo Poets Center
            Administrative Files, 1976-2014


University College
             Continuing Education and Workforce  Development Program Files, 1991-2018

University Libraries              
              War Information Pamphlets, 1940-1945

University of Toledo Publications, 1883-2020





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