Among all the nations of the earth, the most remarkable for beautiful, or rather finely developed forms are,  Hungarians, Slavonians, Dalmats, Caucasians, Greeks, Albanians, Romagnoles (and in other parts of Italy), Gallicians, in parts of Switzerland, and most of the Indian tribes of North and South America. All of these people were swaddled when babies. Some other nations also swaddle children, but not in the right manner, and consequently often injure or cripple children.

The best way of swaddling is: Secure a light, not too thick. pillow to a board, upon which the child is swaddled by long wide bandages around the stomach. A narrower bandage is used for the shoulders - the bandage is placed behind the neck, the two ends are passed in front over the shoulders, then down under the arm-pits and around the board, so as to keep the shoulders flat, leaving the heart and lungs absolutely fee in the performance of their functions. Great care is taken, in applying the leg bandages, to keep the legs perfectly straight, and the toes turned out at an angle of forty-five degrees. After enveloping the foot in a shapely manner, the bandage is drawn very tightly around the ankle, so as to make that part small and lithe; it is loosened around the calf, and drawn closely again around the knee, so as to secure a small round joint. No pillow is used for the child's head, but the head is kept higher than the stomach by elevating the body to an inclined plane. The child is always fed before being unswaddled, and is bathed one or twice daily; and when free, it is permitted to have its own way on the floor or mattress. He is never taught to walk, but is left to learn to walk of himself, even if he does not walk within two years. He is never carried in arms except when swaddled. No attention is paid to his falling or crying when he is free on the floor. He helps himself up in good time, and stops crying according to the inclination of his own sweet will.

Heis never rocked in the cradle. The Orientals assign as a very sensible reason for this that shaking his head will injure his brain. The careful mother of the East invariably uses great care in order that her child's mouth, nose and ears shall be beautiful . While it is in swaddling clothes she models the nose and chin by shaping them with her own fingers several times (say twenty-five or thirty) a day. She also fills and covers the ears with cotton, so that they will retain natural shape while the child is in bed.

Incase of a girl, never cut the hair, or, if you do, only trim the ends. Braid the hair as soon as it is long enough, and attach an iron weight to the end of the braid. Increase the weight as the hair becomes longer.
Children should be encouraged to run, play, and shout in the open air, and not be held back.
Do not give solid animal food to children until they have twenty teeth, when legitimate eating begins.

Donot work and strain and crowd the brain of a child prematurely. Shakespeare, Scott, Sheridan, Goldsmith, and Dean Swift are said not to have been clever as boys, but they lived to a good age. Tasso, Pascal, Krik White, and others, who ripened precociously, were urged forward, and died young.

This system will produce magnificent specimens of manhood; securing straight, strong limbs, broad shoulders, and bodies as supple as can be found among the most favored nations in the worlds.

Last Updated: 6/27/22