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Ezra Pound, 1885-1972

The Cantos (1948)

PS3531.O82 C28

This is the first collection of Pound’s “Cantos” poems from 1-84. These poems were highly experimental and collectively made up one large piece of work that Pound never deemed complete.






The Pound Newsletter (January 1954)

PS3531.O82 Z786 

The Pound Newsletter was a series of newsletters which compiled news, reviews, and criticism related to Pound. It was edited by John Edwards, a scholar from UC Berkeley, and was in print from 1954-1956.




Iconografia Italiana (1955)

PS3531.O82 Z832x        

Iconografia Italiana contains poems, photos, and early drafts of Pound’s work. The poems are in Italian, but the book cover is decidedly Chinese-influenced. These facts serve to highlight the international status of Pound as well as his interest in international literature.




Letter to S.L. (December 21, 1957)


This is the second page of Pound’s letter to Seymour Lawrence, the editor/director of Atlantic Monthly from 1952-1964. He writes to Lawrence in regards to “Canto 99,” which was sent along with the letter. He discusses the topic of that poem and explains that the “ideograms,” or Chinese characters, are also enclosed. The characters were drawn on his letters at that time, or photographed, because they could not be typed by Pound. The characters, however, are part of the original poem. Pound understood that finding a way to print the characters might be “a bother” for Lawrence, so he said that it was up to Lawrence to decide “how serious [he is] in the matter.” In the letter, Pound also alerts the editor that this same poem is being published in Italy and Germany.


 Uber Zeitgenossen (1959)

PS3531.O82 U215 1959x     

Printed in Switzerland, this book about Pound was written in German--the most widely spoken language there. This book again shows the widespread and international interest in Pound and his work.





The Life of Ezra Pound (1982)

PS3531.O82 Z839 1982        

This is one of the many books on Pound written by Noel Stock, a former professor at the University of Toledo. He corresponded with Pound for many years while he was in St. Elizabeth’s hospital. The collection of Stock’s research materials as well as numerous books are available at the Canaday Center.

A guide to the Noel Stock collection is also available at




Plays Modeled on the Noh (1987)

PS3531.O82 P6x     

At the height of Imagism, Pound wrote these plays which were later collected in this limited edition printing. Both he and W. B. Yeats had an interest in the traditional Japanese Noh theater and his plays were inspired by Noh drama, which Pound studied for three years in Japan.




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