Canaday Center

The Reading Room

The Reading Room is where visitors conduct their research while using Canaday Center materials. It is a quiet and comfortable area, supervised by a staff member at all times through a glass partition. A computer is available to conduct supplemental, online research and to access our digitized finding aids. Printed versions of the finding aids are also available upon request. 

Please note that because of the rarity of the collections, the materials of the Canaday Center do not circulate. Virtually all of the materials held in the Canaday Center are unique and difficult or impossible to replace, so they are maintained in closed stacks to facilitate their security and preservation.  Researchers wishing to use the collections must register and use the materials in the Reading Room and agree to follow the guidelines pertaining to the use of Canaday Center materials. These measures have been instituted to ensure that our collections will be available for use by future generations of researchers.

Reading Room Policies

  • All users must register using the registration form set up on the patron computer in the Reading Room. The form must be filled out completely and include current and correct contact information. Returning users must re-register every year.
  • Laptop computers, digital cameras, and other personal devices may be used to take notes and photos of the materials. Please keep volume off out of respect to other researchers.
  • Cell phones should be set to vibrate or turned off. They may be used in the stair well or elevator lobby only.
  • Food and drinks are NOT permitted in the Reading Room.

Reading Room

Last Updated: 6/27/22