Canaday Center

Use of Materials

The Canaday Center is home to rare and unique research collections that are specially housed in a climate-controlled, secure area to preserve them and make them available to visitors like you long into the future. In order to make your visit a pleasant and successful one, we ask that you keep in mind the following:

  •  Expect to spend time here in our Reading Room to review our materials, as they do not circulate outside of the Canaday Center.
  • Respect the collections. Handle materials with care and do not mark them.
  • Use a pencil. If you are taking notes by hand during your research, please use a pencil. We are happy to provide one for you and can sharpen it as needed.
  • Laptops and tablets are welcome, if longhand is not your thing.
  • Be prepared to have your bag or briefcase searched by a staff member if the circumstances warrant it.
  • Don’t come hungry or thirsty. NO food and beverages are permitted in our Reading Room. If you have either with you, staff will be happy to store it in the refrigerator until your visit is complete. You just have to ask!
  • You can have copies…to a point. Staff will complete all photocopying and scanning requests. However, if the materials are in poor condition or there are copyright or donor restrictions, staff reserves the right to deny your request. But hey! You can use your camera, if you have one. But you CAN’T have a phone conversation on that camera, er, phone. Save that for the elevator lobby or stairwell.
    • For more guidelines on photocopying and scanning, including associated fees, please click here.
  • Cover your bases, and be sure to secure permission, in writing, to publish all or part of archival collections from both the Canaday Center and copyright holder(s).
  • Communicate. When you are completed with your research, please advise staff that the materials can be re-shelved.
  • Leave. We close at 4:30 p.m. You’re welcome to return! We accept appointments Monday-Friday, 8:30 - 4. Notify the archivist of your interest in continuing your research as you leave so we can get you on the schedule!






Last Updated: 6/27/22