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Veterans History Interviews

These are a brief sample of the more than 600 interviews that have been collected for the Veterans History Project by the Ward M. Canaday Center at the University of Toledo.   Since the interviews are being digitized from a formerly non-digital format, some of the audio quality has suffered.  The Veterans History Files are quite large and should only be downloaded using a high speed connection.  Some of the information has been removed to remain in compliance with various articles of United States Copyright statutes.

CPL. Andrew "Bud" Fisher, US Army, 11th AAA BN AW SP.

CPL. Fisher is not only the main interviewer for the University of Toledo Veterans History Project, but he is also a military Veteran himself.  In this interview, CPL. Fisher discusses the decisions that led to his enlisting in the military and his military service time.

Audio of the interview (10min).  Veterans History Project File.

PFC James Rose, US Army 42nd Division, 242nd Regiment, Medic. James Rose, US Army 42nd Div, 242 Reg., Medic

After volunteering for service in 1943, PFC Rose finished his basic training at Camp White in what would become White City, Oregon.  PFC Rose later served in the European Theatre, receiving a Victory Medal, a Combat Medic Badge, and a Bronze Star with Oak Leaf Cluster, and Certificates of Appreciation from France and President Harry Truman.  PFC Ross received one of the Bronze Stars while running through a mine field to rescue six wounded soldiers, one of which, George Bussell, he met again sixty years after the war. 

Audio of the interview (62min).  Veterans History Project File.

LT. Colonel Washington Ross, US Army Air Corps, 352nd Fighter Group, 302 Fighter Squadron, Pilot. 

Lt. Colonel Ross joined the US Army Air Corps and went to Cadet Training School in Tuskegee, AL.  Ross would later be assigned to the 332nd Fighter Group and would see action in the European and North African theatres.  In this interview, Lt. Colonel discusses the creation and operation of the famous Tuskegee Airmen, as well as memories of his 63 combat missions in various theatres.  

Audio of the interview (48min).  Veterans History Project File.

Sgt. Alex Drabik,  US Army 9th Armored Division, Soldier. 

Sgt. Drabik fought in one of the major turning points of World War II at the Battle of Remagen.  In this battle, Sgt. Drabik led his squad over the Rhine at Ludendorff, the last bridge over the Rhine after a hasty German retreat.  For his service during World War II, Sgt Drabik received a Purple Heart, a Distinguished Service Cross, and various Theatre Ribbons.  The story of Sgt. Drabik is told by his daughter, Mrs. Rita Wilson.

Audio of the interview (27min).  Veterans History Project File.

Helen Schwab, Manufacturer of Corsair Airplane Wings. 

Helen Schwab served her country during the war as a manufacturer of Corsair Airplane wings while her husband served in Germany.  The entire Schwab family served during the war, with her three brothers serving in the military during the war.  In this interview, Schwab discusses her life as a manufacturer during the war, being the wife and sister of soldiers during the conflict, and on Rosie the Riveter. 

Audio of the interview (50min).  Veterans History Project File.

Col. Wendell B. Lawrence, US Air Force, Pilot. 

Col. Lawrence served during both the Korean Conflict and in Vietnam, logging more than 100 missions during both conflicts.  In this interview, Col. Lawrence describes his time in the air during these two conflicts, as well as life growing up in the Great Depression and his life after military service. 

Audio of the interview (31min).  Veterans History Project File.



Last Updated: 6/27/22