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Canaday Center and the Veterans History Project

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With the passing of Public Law 106-380, which was sponsored by Representatives Ron Kind, Amo Houghton, Steny Hoyer, and Senators Max Cleland and Chuck Hagel and signed into law by President William Clinton on October 27, 2000, the Veterans History Project came into being.  This federally funded oral history project is an attempt to save and preserve the history of the past armed conflicts that have defined the United States. 

The Ward M. Canaday Center has been an Official National Partner in the Veterans History Project since 2005.  Currently, the Canaday Center Houses more than 600 audio and video oral histories of local veterans from World War I through the current conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Included with these interviews are artifacts, ephemera, and any other collectibles that the veterans interviewed have decided to donate to the project. 

If you are interested in participating in the Veterans History Project through the Ward M. Canaday Center, please feel free to contact Tamara Jones at 419.530.4480 or Harold Kinker at 419.868.1950.

Click here for an updated list of the oral and video histories present in the Ward M. Canaday for Special Collections.  After the tapes are collected and cataloged at the Canaday Center, they are forwarded to the Library of Congress to be added to the National Veterans History Collection.  A list of those tapes at the Library of Congress can be accessed here.

A selection of tapes and files from the Veterans History Project can be found here.
Last Updated: 6/27/22