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Research Consultation Center

The Research Consultation Center is designed to provide students and faculty in both the Judith Herb College of Education and the College of Health and Human Services with tools to aid in understanding, conducting, publishing funding and fostering creative research through links to useful web sites, articles and library guides.

Research Opportunities

Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR-UT)

Posters at the Capitol: Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research Student Toolkit

Writing and Publishing

Wallwork, A. & Southern, A. (2020). 100 tips to avoid mistakes in academic writing and presenting. Cham : Springer.

Silvia, G. 2016. Academic writing : selected topics in writing an academic paper. Publication: Frankfurt am Main, [Germany].

Bailey, S. (2018). Academic writing: a handbook for international students. New York: Routledge.

More books on academic writing at UToledo Libraries 


Last Updated: 8/10/22