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GCL Microarray Data Analysis







Analysis of Microarray Data – UT Genomics Core Laboratory

There is high and increasing demand for analysis of data from microarray experiments. This includes data from experiments done:

on the Affymetrix or Perkin-Elmer equipment here at UT.
on Illumina Bead-Array equipment through our contract with Cleveland Clinic Foundation.
with third-party vendors.
by other laboratories, with datasets accessible via the internet.

In all these cases, help with the analysis is available through the GCL by Dr. David Weaver. In certain cases, statistical consultation by Dr. Sadik Khuder in the Department of Medicine, is available.

To arrange an analysis, contact Dr. Weaver, ; 419-383-6105, or stop by the GCL (HEB-200, near the elevator on the second floor).

Charges for data analysis services are as follows. These fees should be budgeted in grants that include GCL use for data analysis.
Initial consultation, to establish feasibility of the analysis – no charge.
Analysis of a given set of data – $60 for the first hour, $40/h thereafter.
Where available and appropriate, “core cash” may be used for these charges; speak with your Departmental Chair to find out if you qualify.

As an example, basic analysis of an Affymetrix dataset from three control and three treatment arrays typically takes 2-3h (~$100-$140).

In cases where salary support for the GCL analyst is provided by a grant, that individual will provide the paid percent effort (the fraction of a 40h work week as specified in the grant) without additional hourly charges.

In cases where the GCL member is co-author on a manuscript, there is no charge for work done directly for the manuscript (writing, editing, preparation of figures, etc.).

If you have any questions concerning your project and anticipated/actual charges, please contact Dr. David Weaver. He will be happy to meet with you in your office, or to discuss analyses with your laboratory group.

Effective date: 19-September-2012


Last Updated: 2/10/16