Bioinformatics Program


BIPG5100       Fundamentals of BPG     3cr
Introduces the student to the powerful tools developed to access and analyze biological sequence and structural information. The topics include sequence databases, sequence comparisons, database searches, phylogenetic analysis, protein structure, proteomics, RNA structure prediction, gene prediction and identification, genetic analysis of disease, and microarray studies of gene expression.

BIPG5200        Statistical Methods in BPG     3cr
This course introduces students to statistical methods commonly used in bioinformatics. Students will learn to use statistical programs and related bioinformatics resources locally and on the Internet. Lectures and lab discussions will emphasize the statistical models and methods underlying the computational tools.

BMSP6340      CPRA in Genes     2.5 cr  
Introduction to major areas of current research in genetics and molecular biology. Topics include gene structure and regulation, DNA replication, recombination, repair, mutation, and quantitative genetics.

INDI6020       On Being a Scientist     1 cr  
A series of one-hour lectures dealing with the ethics, regulations, and issues facing a modern, biomedical research scientist.

     EITHER   HURM6720    Advanced Negotiation & Conflict Resolution     3 cr  NOT OFFERED FOR FALL 2015
Equips students to make more effective decisions in employee relations. Course emphasis is on active analysis of employee-employer relationships in terms of procedures, costs and ramifications to both organizations and people.

     OR   HURM6700   Human Resources Management     3 cr   
A survey of the functions and current trends in human resources management. Special emphasis on research methods, tools and techniques for in-depth understanding of problems and challenges faced by medium-sized firms.

     EITHER   MGMT6150   Leading and Developing Yourself     3 cr  
Explores how one's own leadership competencies can be developed and applied most effectively in a variety of situations.  

     OR    MGMT6160   Leading with Power & Influence     3 cr  
Students will develop and understanding of the strategic use of power and influence to exercise leadership in organizations. Skill development in the diagnosis and practical use of power and influence to mobilize action, to negotiate, and to resolve conflicts will be emphasized.

TOTAL FALL:  15.5cr

BMSP6350     CPRA in Cell Biology and Signaling     3 cr 
Content of this course will encompass didactic lectures on current knowledge and methodological approaches in the area of fundamental cellular processes and cell communication.

HURM6730   Performance Management     3 cr  
This course is designed to provide practical working knowledge of the processes of setting expectations, monitoring performance, coaching and developing employees, and assessing and rewarding good performance in rapidly changing organizations.

BRIM6200     Biomarker Discovery, Validation and Implementation     3 cr 
A survey course to explore the clinical need and methodological approaches to biomarker development and validation. Unit 2 will consider biomarker use for diagnostics and treatment in individualized medicine.


BIDI5200     Readings in Biomarkers     3 cr  (DL/ONLINE)
In-depth analysis of original scientific papers/seminars in the fields of biomarkers, bioinformatics,proteomics and genomics for the development of critical analysis and scientific communication skills.

BIDI5100      Internship     6 cr (Done in place of thesis)
Supervised full time work experience in Biomarker discovery and validation in a pharmaceutical oriented company. Builds upon didactic course work.



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