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Anatomical Donation Program

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The Department of Medical Education of the College of Medicine at University of Toledo is deeply grateful for your interest in the Anatomical Donation Program. The donation of one's body for medical education and scientific purposes is a selfless act and essential to our mission to improve the human condition and quality of life.

  • For instructions on how to donate your body to the University of Toledo click here.

  • For frequently asked questions click here.

Procedure for Anatomical Donation
To effect the donation of your body, the following forms need to be completed:

When the completed forms are filed with the Department of Medical Education, a wallet-sized card, which furnishes information on the donor's intent, is mailed to the donor. This card should be carried at all times.

Any individual that has been diagnosed to have a communicable disease is not eligible for this program.

Cost of the Anatomical Donation Program
Although the donation of one's body to medical education is motivated by an altruistic concern for the advancement of science, budgetary constraints oblige the College of Medicine to request a modest $100.00 (non-refundable) fee from each donor. This provides a partial recovery of costs related to administrative, clerical and technical services. A check or money order in this amount should be made payable to the Department of  Medical Education, and submitted with the above forms.

Please be advised that all forms must be completed, and returned to the Department of Medical Education, and on file for at least one calendar week prior to the donor's death. In the event this does not occur, the donation will not be accepted and the $100.00 fee will be returned to the donor's estate.

At the Time of Death
At the time of death, the person or institution in charge should call the College of Medicine for permission to have the remains accepted by the Medical Education Department. The estate or family is responsible to arrange for transportation of the body to the College of Medicine. An ambulance service, transportation service, or a funeral home can furnish transportation.

The College of Medicine takes care of all legal forms that must be filed with the local registrar for vital statistics and notification to Social Security.

After we have completed the scientific studies, we will cremate the remains and notify the next of kin by certified mail that the cremains may be obtained for disposition by the family. If the cremains are not returned to the family, we will inter them at Woodlawn Cemetery in Toledo, Ohio.

Last Updated: 10/6/17